What are the differences between a Visa or Mastercard card?

In the area of ​​payment cards, Visa and Mastercard remain benchmarks. But how to choose between one and the other? What are the differences between these two credit cards? We compared the two competing brands to determine the most advantageous.

Buy anywhere in the world

Visa and Mastercard credit cards exist worldwide (more than 200 countries) and can be used everywhere in France. With these two cards, it is possible to withdraw money from any ATM in France. Unlike other bank cards such as American Express, Visa and Mastercard remain accessible to as many people as possible.

Bank cards, prices and services

In terms of annual contributions, the two bank cards are positioned side by side. Count around 45 euros per year for a Visa or Mastercard. Note, the annual fee for a credit card varies depending on the bank.

The two competing brands put entry, mid-range and high-end cards into circulation. The latter offer extensive services including medical assistance, replacement driver and snow assistance. The Visa card can also facilitate the reservation of hotel rooms or vehicle rentals. For its part, the Mastercard card includes travel accident insurance.

Credit cards and e-commerce

These bank cards are not distributed by all banks. La Banque Postale or Axa Banque, for example, do not offer the Mastercard. The Visa card is rare in most online banks.

The Mastercard card stands out from its competitor in terms of e-commerce. The brand is a partner of highly reputable e-commerce sites such as Fnac, Voyages-Sncf or LastMinute. Thanks to the Mastercard bank card, you can benefit from reductions. On the other hand, buying online with a Visa card has few advantages. Namely, some sites such as Opodo overcharge transactions made via a Mastercard. Do your research well before making purchases on the Internet.

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Few differences observed in these two bank cards with similar rates and services. Pay and withdraw money anywhere in France and abroad with these two credit cards. When you travel around the world, plan a card from each brand to be sure to carry out your transactions with complete peace of mind.

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