How to choose your bank card?

One of the most popular payment methods in France today, the bank card is available in several types, ranges, prices and categories. Practical and easy to use, it makes it easy to make payments and cash withdrawals. How then to choose from all the offers accompanying each bank card?

A bank card adapted to their purchasing habits

To choose the right bank card, an essential criterion not to be overlooked is the purchasing habit. Indeed, in order to be able to take advantage of the advantages and the different options accompanying a bank card, it is advisable to opt for the one which corresponds more to his lifestyle and his purchasing habits, but also, which will meet all his needs exactly. . If you travel often, a high-end bank card will be a better choice. This type of card will give you several advantageous options, as well as better assistance. It also ensures any problem of blocking of CB the ceiling being higher.

Choose Credit Card Avis

Prioritize the most interesting options

Being attentive to the different credit card options is also essential. You have to know how to choose the one that will best suit your profile. Just as when you take the time to choose your online bank according to certain criteria, you will also have to take into account the options on the debit of the card, its portability of purchase, its type, as well as the services which accompany. For example, a deferred debit card makes it possible to benefit from a debit of payments postponed to the end of the month. To avoid the overdraft, you will have to know how to manage your expenses well.

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A bank card adapted to traveling abroad

Do you often travel abroad? You will then have to opt for an international bank card. Indeed, this type of card, depending on the bank, can bring you many advantages during your frequent trips abroad. It is most often accompanied by insurance services in the event of loss or cancellation of a trip, for example. However, you should also not forget to pay attention to the bank charges for each type of international bank card.

Choose Credit Card Tips

The importance of credit card assistance and insurance

Whatever the type of payment card, it is always accompanied by several guarantees of insurance and assistance. What you have to understand, however, is the fact that the higher the range the card, the more it offers more services and more interesting insurance. However, some types of insurance and assistance may not be necessary for you. This is the case, for example, of car insurance, when you are already covered. To avoid paying too much for your credit card, it is best to read and compare the different insurance and assistance conditions.

CB capping and account management

Before choosing your bank card, you must also check the amount of the ceilings and the debit. Whether it’s actually for payments, withdrawals and overdrafts, don’t forget that the bank sets a maximum amount not to be exceeded each month. Regarding the speed, it is important to choose the option that best suits your purchasing habits. With an immediate payment card, withdrawals are made instantly. On the other hand, with a deferred debit card, the amounts of the purchases are withdrawn from your bank account only at the end of the month. Once again then, you will have to pay a lot of attention to the conditions subscribing to the use of your credit card in order to be able to make the right choice. This will effectively allow you to avoid card blocking problems, but also to find yourself overdrawn too soon.

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