How to choose a wealth management consulting firm?

A wealth management consulting firm is a specialized agency that supports individuals and professionals in the proper management of their wealth. Its main missions are hearing, analyzing and managing its clients’ assets. Given the importance of this type of firm, it is essential to choose it carefully.

This must be based on a few very important criteria. So how do you go about choosing a wealth management consulting firm? We invite you to read this article to learn more.

Choosing a Wealth Management Consulting Firm Based on Firm Status

In wanting to choose a wealth management consulting firm, you must first make sure that the agency is legal. This is a way of checking whether the consulting firm is recognized by the State and authorized to exercise its activity. If so, the firm must have a statute.

In general, the status varies according to the services that the firm offers. To benefit from quality wealth management support, you must choose a firm with one of the following statuses. :

  • ORIAS;
  • CIF;
  • IAS;
  • IOBSP.

Thus, with the legal status, you can be reassured, because your assets will be managed by a recognized institution. It is also a way to avoid disputes due to poor performance.

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Take your investor profile into account when choosing a wealth management consulting firm

Your investor profile is also very important when choosing a wealth management consulting firm. Indeed, the higher your wealth, the more you need an experienced firm. The most popular who have previously managed clients with large assets will have no trouble advising you. This is actually the best option.

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On the other hand, if your wealth is quite low, it is recommended to go through a less demanding firm. The biggest agencies will find it difficult to take care of assets of less than 200,000 euros, because there is not really a stake. This way, you will also avoid costly services. In addition, the firm’s advisors will be able to give you all their time and provide excellent management of your assets.


Choosing a Wealth Management Consulting Firm Considering the Type of Architecture

Finally, it is essential to choose a consulting firm in wealth management taking into account its architecture. Indeed, the type of architecture generally represents the supply of funds. Some advisors sometimes make wealth management proposals for the benefit of their business. Investment solutions are most often linked to the company or its direct partners.


The solution is to use a wealth management consulting firm with an open architecture. He can then make investment suggestions in other brands. You will also have access to asset classes to make your wealth grow more easily.

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