What solutions to a payment problem on his bank account?

The use of a bank account greatly facilitates your daily life. It allows you to easily receive your income, pay your regular bills automatically or pay for your online and in-store purchases without having to worry about cash. But there ! This practice today essential, even compulsory, is not without risk. Indeed, you may encounter some problems from time to time during payments and transactions made on your bank account. Find below any concerns and appropriate solutions to help you make better use of your bank account.

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You encounter problems in the repayment of your credits

From simple consumer loans to the largest mortgage loans, banks lend money to everyone. Students, households, professionals and businesses large and small use this banking service. Your bank account gives you access to credit if you have good creditworthiness and reasonable borrowing capacities according to your bank. However, it may happen that you fail to repay your credit on time.

The problem is quite simple if it is a simple one-off delay. For example, you do not receive your salary on a scheduled date. In this case, it is enough to inform your bank of this delay which does not affect your solvency. You could then settle the repayment installment as quickly as possible after an overdraft request or an extension of deadlines.

If it is impossible for you to honor the reimbursement for more serious reasons (loss of job, accident preventing you from continuing a professional activity, etc.), you will have to go to your bank to find suitable solutions. A postponement of the payment of the due dates or a rescheduling of your credit are possible. The various credit redemption offers can also be part of the solutions offered by your bank. In any case, think about negotiating with your banker an amicable solution which will allow him to find the money to lend and which will help you to honor your debt. Follow our advice to manage your finances like a pro and repay your loans without difficulty.

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Your online payments are not accepted

One of the great advantages of using a bank account and associated payment card is the ability to pay for your purchases online. It may, however, happen that your credit card is refused during the payment of an online purchase. Several reasons can explain this refusal:

  • You have exceeded the authorized withdrawal limit (credit card or prepaid card).
  • Your account does not have sufficient funds for the transaction.
  • Your account is overdrawn or has exceeded the authorized overdraft limit.
  • The transaction is outside the authorized geographic area.
  • Your bank card is not compatible with the server of the bank of the beneficiary of the transaction.

In case of refusal, remember first of all to check that your bank card is accepted by the merchant site. If the card is not accepted, the problem does not come from your bank account, but only from an incompatibility of the means of payment.

If your card is compatible, but it’s declined, check your balance and the location of the transaction. In the event of geographic restrictions, your bank may possibly unblock the limitations and allow payment on your agreement.

If the problem is with a lack of funds, you should credit your account with a sufficient amount before you can pay for your purchases online. You can also request a bank overdraft if your bank allows it.

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