How to deposit a check at Bforbank?

The check is a preferred method of payment by many French people, especially those who have always known him. Haven’t you ever received a check for a Christmas present or a birthday? Or even a check for your salary? These are the means of payment favored by several professional structures who prefer to make a check, rather than turning to cash.

Check deposit must be easy and easy to understand by everyone. It doesn’t have to be a complicated step that can call into question the use of the checkbook and the checks present inside.

Nevertheless, more and more people will start to turn to other solutions to pay, such as credit card and digital payment. The emergence of online banks is a step in this direction, as evidenced by BforBank.

When opening a current account in a traditional bank, you will be offered a checkbook. This is not the case for online banks. There are many alternative solutions, such as ordering the checkbook directly in your customer area. It will arrive by post a few days later, and you are equipped with a checkbook from your bank!

Paying with a check is one thing: but can we cash checks ? The answer is yes. Is it complicated, long or tedious? The answer is no. We will detail all the steps in this article.

BforBank provides its users with interesting and attractive solutions for depositing a check into their bank account, in complete security.

Check deposit according to BforBank

BforBank is a bank belonging to the Crédit Agricole subsidiary. As with traditional banks, you will need to bring a check remittance slip to insert all the information on it. Then, the check must be signed by your hand on its back, in order to limit the risk of fraud and theft. For more security, you can insert the account number on which you wish to make the collection. It is possible to place the date on which you perform this action. You can also take a picture of everything to keep track of this collection.

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BforBank has set up a mobile application to facilitate the deposit of checks into its current account. Her name is B Check. Its principle is very simple: just download it to use it (it is available on iOS for Apple devices and on Android for the vast majority of phones from other manufacturers). Then, you will have to scan the check using a smartphone and its camera. It is then that the check remittance slip, as if by magic, will automatically fill in using the information it finds on the check. This digital slip can be printed by you and will be attached to the check in the envelope that will go to BforBank, Libre Answer 23908, 92 889 NATERRE CEDEX 9.

A few days later, the check will be automatically debited and your current account will see the amount credited.

With the presence of B Check, it’s a considerable time saver, thanks to the presence of an online bank where everything (or almost) is done on the Internet.

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