How to deposit cash at Monabanq?

When you choose an online bank, it is not always easy to find solutions to efficiently deposit cash or checks that you receive. Some banks are more advanced than others, which helps this process. In this article, we will explain what online banking is before detailing all the steps to follow to deposit cash with this banking establishment belonging to the Crédit Mutuel group, Monabanq.

Introduction to online banking

As the name suggests, it’s about doing everything online, through the internet network. That is to say that the management of bank accounts, the opening of a savings account, or even obtaining bank loans are done online. It is no longer necessary to go to the bank’s offices to carry out these procedures. Thanks to the dematerialization of these services, the user will benefit from several different advantages, such as reduced account maintenance fees. These are often important! It is not uncommon to find yourself with online banks that offer free offers. Thus, the user does not have to pay for maintaining the bank account, just as he will not have to charge the credit card. However, overdraft authorizations are lower and can be heavily charged later. Monabanq is a very interesting online bank, because it does not require any means test. Thus, a student can easily open a bank account without having to prove income. The employees of this online bank are well trained and are of excellent quality since they were elected, in 2018, as being the best customer service of the year. All with a nice number of 400,000 customers. Overall, Monabanq is a formidable online bank with attractive offers and competitive prices.

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Cash deposit for Monabanq customers

When the opening of the account has taken place, it is possible that at one time or another, you will be confronted with the deposit of cash. How is it going ? First of all, know that this is a easily available operation. Thanks to their large network of cash dispensers which are stamped with the CIC logo, you can easily go to a counter of this traditional bank and carry out all the necessary procedures.

The steps to deposit money at Monabanq

It is done in 7 major quick steps to carry out.

  • 1. Once you are in front of the cash dispenser which allows you to make deposits, you will need to insert your Monabanq bank card.
  • 2. Then, in the menu that appears, select the  » Deposit « . Two other options will appear later, with “Check deposit” and “Cash deposit”. You have to select the  » Cash deposit « .
  • 3. Using the numeric keypad, you will need to enter the amount you are depositing.
  • 4. The distributor will give you a paper with valuable information.
  • 5. This ticket is to be placed in the envelope that the vending machine will give you later. Don’t forget to insert the money inside.
  • 6. Close the envelope, and drop it in the place provided for this purpose.
  • 7. Collect your proof of deposit and you can leave.

These will not be complex steps to carry out. By following them precisely, you will be able to deposit money safely. The next day (1 working day), you will have this amount in your bank account.

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