Which energy supplier to choose after a move?

It’s the big departure, the hour of the move, and with that, its share of administrative obstacles. While the boxes are not done, you have to think about settling all the requirements necessary for the correct installation in your future home, such as putting the electricity into service! There’s nothing romantic about settling down by candlelight… Here are some tips for choosing your energy supplier!

Using an electricity comparator

There are more than thirty electricity suppliers, so it’s quite normal not to know them all or to find yourself in this plethora of offers. To help you, you will find below a comparison table of the classic offers of the main electricity suppliers (more information here), but there are others like Vattenfall, OHM Energie etc.

Comparison of 2019 tariffs for classic offers in the basic tariff option (for 6 kVA):



Subscription price

(€ incl. VAT/year)

Price per kWh

(€ incl. VAT/kWh)


Elec Ajust 2 years

116.69 0.158
Total Direct Energy


119.76 0.1465

Eco Tip

132.38 0.15214
Happ-e by Engie

Electricity Happ-e

119.72 0.14541
Mint Energy

Classic & Green

119.76 0.1459
CDiscount Energy

Cdiscount Energy

119.76 0.1379

Do not hesitate to estimate your energy consumption from your new home (its surface area, the number of inhabitants, etc.) to find out your needs and thus take out an appropriate subscription. Do not only take into account the price per kWh criterion to choose your electricity supplier: also think about collecting consumer opinions on forums, seeing if the supplier has good customer service, etc. And why not switch to green electricity?

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Engie or EDF: which provider is the cheapest in 2019?

Are you hesitating between an alternative supplier and the historic supplier EDF? Don’t panic, we help you choose thanks to a comparison between Engie and EDF! Indeed, the two suppliers offer market offers at advantageous prices, so how to decide between them? EDF continues to offer its “Blue tariff” while Engie sets its prices up to 15% cheaper than the regulated tariff. You will find below its flagship offers:

Engie’s flagship offers:

Type of offer Type of energy Features of the offer
Elec Ajust 2 years electricity – Fixed price adjustable downwards on the anniversary of the contract within the limit of 5%

– Subscription higher than TRV

– Green offer

Elec Weekend+ 1 year electricity – Price of kWh HT indexed on the TRV

– Subscription higher than TRV

– Green offer

– 30% reduction on the price of kWh HT on weekends

– Box connected to the Engie Smart Energy mobile application

Elec’Car 3 years electricity – Price per kWh HT indexed to the TRV

– 50% discount on kWh at night

– Subscription higher than TRV

– Green Offer

– Offer reserved for owners of an electric vehicle

Gas Adjust 2 years Gas – Fixed price per kWh excluding VAT adjustable downwards on each contract anniversary

– Subscription higher than TRV

Connected Comfort Gas – Fixed price adjustable downwards on each contract anniversary

– Subscription higher than TRV

– With Netatmo thermostat (179€) or Nest thermostat (249€)

– For 3 years

In fact, Engie and EDF offer roughly the same prices on market offers. It will therefore be necessary to look at consumer reviews to decide between them.

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Subscribe to an electricity offer

Once decided, all you have to do is subscribe to one of the offers offered! Here is the information you need to bring to complete your subscription:

  • your exact address
  • your meter reading
  • your PDL (Delivery Point)
  • the number of the former occupant
  • a rib

Then the supplier will contact the network manager to take care of the commissioning (more information here).

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