Coconut oil and eczema: the benefits

Do you have eczema and are you looking for a natural remedy to reduce inflammation and soothe itching? Coconut oil is one of the very effective grandmother’s remedies for treating ailments. Discover the benefits of this natural product on the body. We explain how to apply coconut oil to areas affected by eczema. Heal yourself […]

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How to relieve migraine and neck pain?

Neck pain and headaches can quickly become disabling on a daily basis. How to relieve inflammatory or mechanical pain in the neck? Before being prescribed a treatment, discover all the tips to relieve your headaches and neck pain in a completely natural way. Causes and Symptoms Several factors can explain headaches and neck pain. Among

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baking soda for hair

Used for cleaning the house as well as to relieve some health ailments, baking soda is ultra versatile. Indeed, in the beauty department, he also knows how to be effective. How to use baking soda to have pretty hair? We tell you everything about the bicarbonate-based shampoo. Discover all the beauty secrets to avoid oily

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7 Natural Lice Treatments

Lice, also called pediculosis or head lice, are particularly fond of children’s hair. Every school year, the lice are back! And difficult to overcome so these parasites prove to be tenacious. Fortunately, there are natural tips and solutions to completely get rid of these little insects. Discover all the effective treatments to fight against lice

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Qu’est-ce que le CBD ?

CBD, cannabis cannabidiol, cannabis light, CBD 420… Depuis plus d’un an, le CBD, une substance de la famille des cannabinoïdes est arrivée sur le marché français, sous différentes appellations, notamment par le biais de liquides pour cigarettes électroniques. Les discours autour de se produit sont très divergents : tantôt, il est considéré comme une drogue,

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How to choose and use CBD oil?

Today cbd oil in France is a dietary supplement whose many properties ensure an increasingly spectacular success. CBD oil is a natural product made from the extraction of cannabidiol, one of the compounds of the industrial cannabis plant. Unlike THC, cannabidiol is not not a psychoactive compound and does not cause any side effects, which

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5 benefits of the exercise bike

Both a professional activity for some and a leisure activity for others, cycling continues to conquer hearts. In the context of sport, there are several types of bicycles. The exercise bike is the right model for those who want to exercise in peace at home. In addition, it proves to be very effective in the

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CBD to relieve osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis, a joint pathology of inflammatory origin. This degenerative disease of the joints, which involves a gradual decline in their proper functioning, is manifested by painful and disabling symptoms and leads to severe pain as well as numerous difficulties in carrying out basic daily tasks, thus

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