How to relieve migraine and neck pain?

Neck pain and headaches can quickly become disabling on a daily basis. How to relieve inflammatory or mechanical pain in the neck? Before being prescribed a treatment, discover all the tips to relieve your headaches and neck pain in a completely natural way.

Causes and Symptoms

Several factors can explain headaches and neck pain. Among them :

  • a bad sleeping position. The neck muscles are in an awkward position;
  • poor posture in everyday life, especially at work;
  • stress and anxiety;
  • using the wrong pillow that does not provide support;
  • practicing a contact sport.

These factors, alone or in combination, can cause symptoms:

  • limited movement of the neck with difficulty turning it left or right;
  • pain in the neck, shoulders or upper back;
  • poor sleep;
  • muscle spasm in the upper back;
  • migraine, headache;
  • neck stiffness which may be accompanied by fever.

Be careful, a stiff neck and fever can be symptoms of meningitis. Consult your general practitioner without delay.

Remedies to relieve migraine and neck pain


Massage has always been an excellent remedy for relieving muscle pain. For even more efficiency, use essential oils to massage. Pine, rosemary, lavender or juniper are excellent for soothing pain.

The massaging action will provide you with warmth and increase your blood circulation.

A gentle massage will particularly relieve a stiff neck. And to fight against migraine and headache, use acupressure. Massage your forehead and temples using your thumb and index finger, practicing circular movements. As the massage progresses, press a little harder.

heat or cold

On your neck, place a heat point there. A heating pad, for example, will do the job very well to soothe the tension in your neck. Warm will increase blood flow.

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A nice hot shower will also relax the neck muscles. No more than 5 minutes. Ice, too, is an effective remedy for neck pain. An ice pack will work on a sore neck. Indeed, the cold temperature calms inflammation and reduces pain. Simply wrap a cloth around an ice pack. Place this cold spot on the affected area for a maximum of a quarter of an hour. The operation can be repeated three times a day.

Epsom bath salts

This product is renowned for relieving nervous tension and reducing pain immediately. In fact, magnesium sulfate contains a natural relaxant that reduces swelling and pain.

In a hot bath, simply add 25 cl of Epsom salt. Relax in your bath for about fifteen minutes. The operation can be repeated as many times as possible until the pain completely disappears.

Turmeric, apple cider vinegar and celery

Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory and repels pain. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk. Heat the mixture for five minutes, allow to cool and then drink. You can also add a pinch of honey to it. The mixture can be drunk twice a day.

For its part, cider vinegar is a formidable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It quickly relieves neck pain.

Soak a paper towel with apple cider vinegar, then place it on your neck for two hours. Apple cider vinegar can also be added to bath water (50 cl).

The juice extracted from celery leaves is also an excellent natural remedy for headaches and neck pain. Drink it every day until the tension subsides.

Drink coffee or ginger tea

Few people know it, but coffee helps fight migraines by constricting dilated blood vessels. It will work more for people unaccustomed to consuming caffeine.

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If you don’t like coffee, go for ginger tea. This natural anti-inflammatory is very effective in treating headaches. Simply pour a teaspoon of grated ginger into a cup of boiling water.

Drink after cooling.

You should also know that rosemary tea, on the other hand, has a preventive effect against headaches.

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