5 tips for a successful express diet in 10 days

As an event such as a wedding or special evening approaches, you want to lose weight quickly? Discover all the tips for losing a few pounds in less than a fortnight. All our tips for getting motivated and taking the right steps to lose weight quickly. Put the odds on your side for a successful diet before the summer or your event.

Stock your fridge with the right foods

Quickly banish all foods that make you fat if you want to lose weight quickly. Instead, buy fruits and vegetables in all possible forms. You can accompany vegetables with white meat or fish. Indeed, it will turn out to be much less caloric than red meat, for example.

Take care to maintain the three meals a day. Indeed, reducing the number of meals will not make you lose weight. On the contrary, by missing lunch or dinner, you will eat twice as much when you sit down to eat.

Eat at set times, including snack time. As a snack, consider an apple or plain yogurt instead to avoid weight gain. Forget immediately the cakes dipped in the glass of milk!

No stress !

Even if you’re caught up in the weather, be careful not to let anxiety overwhelm you. Stress is the number one enemy of dieting.

Try to live your express diet in a serene way by not putting pressure on yourself. Good advice, especially if you are preparing for your wedding… Your weight loss should not obsess you.

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Adopt a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep and giving yourself a few comforting moments. On weekends, treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a good walk in the fresh air. Rejuvenate yourself by avoiding focusing on your diet. In a word, relax!

To exercise

To keep in shape and succeed in your express slimming, practice a sports activity. No need to go to the gym. Walking, for example, is a very good slimming ally.

Walk half an hour every day. Take advantage of everyday life to indulge in walking. Choose this eco-friendly means of transport to go to shops, for example. In the same way, instead of the elevator, prefer to climb the stairs.

To go further, you will also find fitness exercises on the Internet. Reproduce gym gestures at home to keep you in shape.

Forget your desire to eat

During a diet, it’s hard not to think about food… If you only think about eating all day, put in place parades.

When you feel like jumping on the fridge, create a diversion by finding something to do. Take a step back from your psychological stimuli by moving away from the closets. Surfing the Internet, walking, shopping, reading, listening to music… So many activities that will make you forget this feeling of hunger.

If you really have a craving and you hear gurgling in your belly, fall back on low-calorie foods. Snack on raw vegetable sticks, for example.

Do not crack!

It’s not always easy to resist a good dish when sharing a meal with family or friends in a restaurant. Diet or food rebalancing does not mean having to cut yourself off from all social life. On the contrary, have your loved ones accompany you in your approach.

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Even if you eat accompanied, keep your menu base by avoiding, for example, dishes with sauce. Also play on the quantities.

In the event of a crack, do not be demotivated. At the next meal, keep your good eating habits.

Simply draw conclusions from your gap in order to put in place a strategy to prevent it from happening again. Review your organization in your menus to live your express diet in the best conditions.

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