5 tips to have more money every month

On the web, there are several kinds of activities that generate financial income every month. However, it is necessary to be vigilant before starting, because the scams multiply online. Some sites are willing to promise quite a hefty amount of money, but when you take a closer look, you are faced with a scam. How to get more money through the Internet?

Tip #01: Earn money by taking a paid survey

To better understand their customers’ expectations, some companies regularly gather information on consumer habits. Thus, they need to know the opinion of consumers by offering paid surveys.

How do paid surveys work?

To take advantage of the benefits of paid surveys, you must first register on sites specializing in this field. You will need to provide detailed information about your drinking habits. This will determine the surveys in accordance with your profile. You will then have to wait for the invitations to participate in the surveys. The time to allocate to each survey is communicated to you at the beginning of the survey.

What are the earnings?

In principle, each survey can bring in an average of 2 euros. But if the survey takes longer, then you can get up to 5 euros per hour. Some people can earn up to 100 euros per month. What to make a little money every month.

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Tip #02: Earn money by reading paid emails

If you have free time, optimize it by reading paid emails.

How do paid emails work?

This activity is also known as PTR (Paid To Read), in other words, you get paid to read. To participate in this activity, you will need to register on platforms offering these services. Some emails require more than just reading. They ask you to take certain actions before receiving your remuneration.

What are the earnings?

As compensation, you can receive between 0.010 and 0.04 euro. You have to perform certain actions and you can get between 0.10 to 0.30 euro. The more emails you read, the better earnings you will have.

Tip #03: Earn money with paid offers

This method is quite different from surveying and reading paid emails.

How do paid offers work?

With this method, you will be required to undertake certain concrete actions. You must then allocate the time necessary to carry out a particular task. You may need to subscribe to newsletters, watch videos, etc.

What are the earnings?

You can earn between 0.1 to 4 euros. It all depends on your missions.

Tip #04: Earn money through contests

It is not a question here of participating in the televised games known as a question for a champion. On the Internet there are several games in which you can participate for free. To enter, you will need to provide some personal information. To make income, you will need to know the right answers to the questionnaires.

Contest games require good general knowledge and intelligence. As this is a contest, you will have to be more efficient than the others by giving the correct answers quickly. By participating in paid games, you increase your chances of success, because you will have few opponents.

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Tip #05: Make money with dropshipping

You will need to sell products online. As part of a classic sale, you will need to have different stocks at home. With dropshipping, you won’t need to have a warehouse. The storage and delivery of the products are the responsibility of the supplier. Your online store will only act as an intermediary.

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