What color for a hallway?

Often considered as a passage zone, the entrance is generally not the subject of any particular attention. However, it is the first thing that your visitors see from your interior. The entrance hall represents an introduction to the ambiance of the house. It is therefore important to highlight it with color. Find out which shades to choose according to your type of hallway.

Is white trendy in a hallway?

White remains a safe bet for an entrance hallway. The tint brings luminosity and serenity to an interior. And its biggest advantage is that it can be matched with any other color in the color palette.

Thus, white can be associated with blue to give a fresh and soothing effect. The freshness of a strong yellow can also be an effective solution to energize an interior. But other combinations are still possible: shades of purple, light grey… The color orange can also find its place in an entrance hall to add a touch of vitality and originality.

Decoration advice: if you are afraid of reflecting the image of a hospital corridor, choose a tone close to white: ecru, beige, cream, ivory… And arrange some colored accessories to bring cheerfulness (painting, mirror… ).

Blue : what shades in a hallway?

First there is the dark blue which easily blends with white for an elegant entrance. The dark gives character and depth to the space. And for a holiday home atmosphere, the deep blue on the walls and ceiling is ideal. Leave the front door white to provide contrast.

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And if you want your home to gain brightness, turn more to a vibrant blue. Turquoise in combination with white is perfect for decorating an entrance hallway. These two shades combined make it possible to structure a space while bringing originality to it. And if you’re worried about too much color, stick with a wall strip.

Trends: which monochrome colors in an entrance?

The monochrome option turns out to be trendy in an entrance hall. This consists of using one and the same shade for the walls, the ceiling and the doors. If you choose a single color, it is better to opt for a dark shade such as peacock blue, forest green or even black.

And to bring relief to your entrance, think of pendant lights. This allows you to play with light and shadow to give chic to your interior.

Paint a single piece of wall

If you do not want a monochrome painting for your entrance, prefer the colored wall section. It is enough to paint only the wall facing the front door in a strong color.

And to highlight the section of the wall, install a small piece of furniture (console, for example) with a frame or a pretty mirror above it. The other walls will be left in a shade of white to bring out the colored panel.

How to put two shades in an entrance hallway?

If in doubt between two colors for your hallway, use both shades to create a graphic effect on the walls. There are several options:

  • paint the bottom and top of the wall with two different colors following its moldings;
  • in the absence of moldings, divide the wall with the paint according to your decorative desires;
  • create a separation between the two shades with a line of black paint, taking up the style of the 20s.
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Colors to narrow a long hallway

If your interior has a long hallway with doors, you can paint them a different color than the walls. This breaks the effect of length and splits the space. The idea is to use darker shades than the back wall to give the impression of a closer space.

How to enlarge a small hallway with colors?

A small hallway can be more spacious if colors are used wisely. Thus, for a small entrance, it is preferable to opt for light colors such as white and its different tones (cream, beige, etc.) or light grey. The pastel shades will bring softness to your interior. They will also help give your entrance a Scandinavian atmosphere. Turn to green or light blue, for example.

And to enhance the feeling of grandeur, just paint the entire length of the wall a lighter shade and use the same color for the back wall. In the presence of doors, also paint them with the same shade.

Finally, those who love color and originality will opt for a multicolored wall with horizontal stripes to enlarge the space.

Decoration advice : to give an impression of openness, favor the white ceiling.

What pop colors for an original entrance?

Fans of original decoration will turn to the pop universe. For this, it is advisable to fill up with color for a guaranteed good mood effect. In order not to fall into the variegation, it is however necessary to limit oneself to two bright colors, or to choose a third very discreet shade.

The objective is to give a strong identity to your entrance hall by mixing dynamic colors full of energy. To brighten up a hallway, trust orange, yellow or even bright pink. And soften the dominant color with a few pastel touches.

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Moreover, those who prefer wallpaper may find this wallcovering an alternative to painting. Provided you choose the right model, it is quite possible to give a pop atmosphere to your entrance hall. There are wallpapers in flashy colors or cartoon patterns. And for more contemporaneity, it may be fashionable to opt for wallpaper with stripes.

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Hanging wall elements

Finally, to bring a final touch to your interior decoration, hang some wall elements in your entrance hall. The colored hooks allow you to hang a coat, a scarf or a hat while diffusing a colorful note. You will find them in different styles: round for a designer interior, in wood for a bohemian atmosphere, in metal for an industrial spirit…

Also consider hanging a few paintings on the wall to liven up the space. These can be photographs, solid colors or graphic illustrations.

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