In which media to invest in 2020?

With relatively low rates for savings products (0.50% for the Livret A and the sustainable and solidarity development booklet), profitable and risk-free investments are becoming fewer and fewer. However, some investments can be interesting to earn some money. In which media to invest in 2020?


Despite falling interest rates for several years, passbooks remain appreciable investment supports in 2020. The Livret A booklet saw its rate drop from 0.75% to 0.50% on February 1, 2020. Other booklets, very popular with the French, saw their rate decrease. The LDD has followed the same path, its interest rate is identical to that of the livret A. The LEP has a higher interest rate: 1%. For the PEL, its rate depends on its opening date but remains fixed once opened. For a PEL opened in 2020, the interest rate is 1%. Even if these interest rates remain low (especially compared to what they were a few years ago), investing in a savings product is totally secure.

Invest in the stock market

For those who like to take more risks (or not), it is still possible to invest in the stock market. The site reports the results and dividends of CAC 40 shares. Very practical for making your choice and knowing where to invest in 2020. Recently listed on the stock market, the French games share is an investment par excellence. This action has even proven to be anti-crisis! At its highest level in June, the action had jumped 60% since its IPO last November. Global economic growth has been impacted by the coronavirus crisis but the financial system should rebound once the crisis has passed. To invest in the stock market, it is better to diversify your investments rather than betting everything on a single stock at the risk of losing everything quickly. Investing in the stock market in 2020 is not discouraged but it must be done with caution.

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life insurance

A fund in euros is an investment vehicle in the context of life insurance. Considered to be risk-free, it is a medium that allows you to have a correct return and guarantees the capital paid. With this investment, no loss is possible. But for the past ten years, funds in euros have been offering very low returns. If we add to this the coronavirus crisis, those who have invested in the capital-guaranteed medium will again see their return decrease in 2020. The future of euro funds is threatened for the next few years.

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Structured products

Structured products are financial investment vehicles that can be held via a life insurance contract or a securities account. Investing in this type of support in 2020 can be interesting in view of the health crisis and the uncertainties weighing on the financial markets. However, attention must be paid to the protective barrier (which determines a protection threshold) and to the duration of the structured product (10 years maximum). This support is a bit complex to understand at first but it can offer really interesting returns.

real estate crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding is intended for those who wish to invest in stone easily. This solution works quite simply: an individual investor chooses the project of a property developer in which he wishes to invest (from €1,000) over a relatively short period (between 6 to 24 months). In return for this « loan », the real estate developer undertakes to repay the capital to the individual who has invested by adding a profit, generally the profit from real estate transactions. This is quite an interesting opportunity for those who want to invest in stone and receive short-term profits.

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The Retirement Savings Plan

From October 2020, the Retirement Savings Plan will be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or status (employee, retiree, job seeker, etc.). With this new investment, it will be possible to recover all of the money invested in the form of capital (and no longer in the form of an annuity as before) at the time of retirement or even to use this money for a real estate purchase, a situation of over-indebtedness, death, etc. This investment medium is a very useful complementary savings solution, but it is not the only investment solution in 2020.

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