No small savings: how to choose your internet box?

In terms of Internet boxes, it is easy to say that supply meets demand. There are many Internet service providers (ISPs) offering several offers for surfing the Internet but also for telephoning and watching television using fibre. At the time of choice, you will have to ask yourself if you simply want to access the Internet at the best price, even if it means giving up certain options. If so, then read this article, making particular reference to the price of boxes and what influences them.

Choosing the Right Internet Service Provider to Save Money

Customers’ opinion, offers, rates, numbers… All about Sosh and its Internet box

The “small” Internet service provider Sosh offers an Internet box simply called “Internet Box”, which allows you to surf the Web. Sosh provides a telephone number to contact its customer service, 3976. To find out about the different ways to contact the operator, including the Sosh numbers that can be reached, you can click here. Thus, and contrary to popular belief, not all Internet service providers are easily reachable by telephone and you can very well contact a Sosh teleconsultant. It is also possible to be called back by Sosh directly!

Freebox offers: for guaranteed savings

There are no small savings! Know how to choose the box that meets your needs, and above all, your budget! The Internet service provider Free provides boxes at a very advantageous monthly price! Take the example of the Freebox Crystal at a price of 9.99 euros for one year. Although it does not offer a large number of services, it allows you to surf the Internet at a lower cost. Conversely, the price of the Freebox Delta subscription is around 50 euros per month, an amount far from accessible to all budgets. However, it obviously gives you access to the Internet but also to included features and services such as Netflix or Amazon Alexa that may be of interest for your leisure time.

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The other elements to take into account when choosing the right Internet box

customer reviews, customer service and additional services

There are no small savings, of course. However, this should not prevent you from looking into other elements related to your subscription. For example, customer reviews: are they positive about the chosen offer, and even more so, about the supplier concerned? Are the customer service representatives friendly and knowledgeable? The answer to these questions will let you know if the offer you have your eyes on is really interesting, beyond the price. Try to collect as many criteria as possible while ensuring that the price does not increase. You will probably not be subscribed to the most complete offer, but you will already be able to make good use of the sums paid each month. To find out how to save even more, visit this page.

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