How to get rid of ants in a house?

You have lots of ants at home and you want to get rid of them. Discover the different techniques to achieve this.

Sometimes all it takes is negligence like a dish lying around or a badly closed garbage can to be infested with ants at home. Indeed, the appearance of these insects can quickly turn into a nest or colony if you do not act quickly. Fortunately, there are several methods to overcome these unwanted. Follow our practical advice to repel ants and/or eliminate them radically: natural solutions, tips, anti-repellent products, means of prevention… Everything you need to know about how to get rid of ants in a house without using ants. insecticides. Don’t get overwhelmed!

How to prevent the appearance of ants in a house?

In the garden or in the house, ants are everywhere. Before looking for a solution to repel or eliminate them, it is necessary to prevent their arrival. For this, some good gestures and reflexes are necessary:

  • First of all, make sure that the openings in your home (doors, windows) are well sealed to prevent the supplied from being able to force their way through. You will thus prevent a colonization from being created in your interior;
  • then, pay attention to the cracks in the walls because it is a privileged passage point for these insects;
  • finally, in the kitchen, never leave waste lying around on the work surface or on the dining table. Leave the trash can closed. And when you’re done eating, do the dishes or put the plates and cutlery in the dishwasher, right away. Ants can’t resist leftover food, especially when it comes to dessert.
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Coffee grounds: a natural ant repellent

If you have ants in your home, save your coffee grounds instead of throwing them away. It is an excellent natural repellent. Thanks to its acidity, ants are repelled.

Place coffee grounds at the bottom of the walls, on the floor or on saucers. Think of the strategic places, where you have seen the small insects.

The lemon, a good way to fight ants

To get rid of ants without insecticides, consider lemon. The acidity of the fruit will scare away the ants.

To do this, simply cut out slices of lemon and place them carefully near the entry points (door, window, etc.).

The chalk, an effective solution against ants

This is an easy to implement and economical technique. Just draw a thick line with a chalk on the threshold of your front door, your windowsill or on your balcony. The white line must be drawn on the route of the ants to prevent them from crossing.

Thus, as if by magic, the ants will no longer enter your house but will remain at the door, as if trapped. The chalk line will then act as a physical barrier.

the smell of lavender, a natural trick

Pleasant in humans, the smell of lavender acts as a repellent for small insects. Indeed, ants hate the scent of lavender.

To scare away undesirables, place a few branches or small bags of lavender in strategic places, where ants usually go.

Note: the other solution to get rid of ants in the house is to spray lavender essential oil in your interior. And if ever you can’t stand the smell of lavender, consider cinnamon. It is also a good product for repelling ants.

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Hot soapy water against ants

This radical solution is particularly effective in overcoming ants. Simply dilute soap in hot water before pouring it over the ant nest.

A method to use if you are infested with insects in your home. This time, it is no longer a question of repelling the ants but of eliminating them.

Essential oils to repel insects

EOs do not only have curative power. They also hunt insects such as ants.

It could not be easier. Just spray a mixture of half a liter of water with about twenty drops of peppermint. If you don’t have this product on hand, you can also use sweet almond essential oil. Limit yourself to about ten drops.

A sweet/salty mix, a deadly cocktail

It is not the natural method that comes to mind first. And yet, it has been proven to repel ants.

These insects love sugar. But on the other hand, they hate salt. To get rid of it, then add salt to a sweet product. Attracted by sugar, the ants will not be suspicious. And the salt will destroy them.

Diatomaceous earth or glue: what trap to use to get rid of an ant?

Effective in killing fleas, diatomaceous earth powder is also effective against ants. This white or gray colored powder contains fossilized algae. Thanks to their natural properties, they asphyxiate ants.

Place diatomaceous earth in strategic places, making sure to handle this natural product with care.

And if you don’t have diatomaceous earth but glue at home, use this radical trap instead. To do this, run glue along a wall or on the floor to prevent insects from going further. The glue will hold them…

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white vinegar and baking soda, two natural tricks to drive away ants

Strong, the smell of white vinegar stops the ant dead. To ward off this undesirable in a house, spray white vinegar pure or diluted with water in the places frequented by ants.

As for baking soda, it is a natural product useful for creating bait. Mix baking soda with sugar to attract ant colonies. Repelled by the compound, so you can get rid of it easily, without having to use chemicals

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