How much do baby diapers cost?

When the baby comes into the world, happy as they are, the parents are ready to do everything in their power to put the little one in a good condition. They are aware that the joy aroused by the arrival of a baby in the family environment also comes with homework. They then work extra hard to live up to their mission, which is to educate this little boy who has just been born.

In particular, you will have to ensure baby’s hygiene with diapers on a daily basis. To better cope with the expenses related to these hygiene products, you must have a clear idea of ​​their cost. Here is an article that should help you define the budget for baby’s diapers, while respecting their fragile skin and the environment.

Baby diapers : price difference depending on several factors

Baby diapers don’t have a standard price. And for good reason, they are produced by a multitude of different brands and marketed by a large number of stores. Manufacturers, then sellers, take into account the competition to set the price of their products, but also the realities specific to their businesses. Furthermore, the manufacturing materials are not the same for all baby diapers on the market. The cost of the layers may therefore vary in particular depending on the material of manufacture..

Here are some of the things that are responsible for the disparity in prices for baby diapers.

The brand of diapers

Many brands have entered the production of baby diapers because they have sensed the potential of this market. Each then assigns its product the price it takes to attract as many customers as possible, while making a profit. However, beyond the manufacturers, private labels can also influence the price of diapers. Thus, while some large distributors sell their diapers at 15 cents per unit, others can sell theirs for up to 45 cents. Is the quality necessarily there? Not always… Because these diapers are often full of chemicals that are dangerous for babies.

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When design and naturalness arrive in the world of baby diapers

Some manufacturers use design as an asset to appeal to young parents. And some brands even manage to combine these designs with natural layers, devoid of chemicals. Because baby’s health and environmental protection, these are two points that cause a lot of concern in the world of disposable diapers!

So we find diapers on the market with messages that give a fairly cheerful image of these hygiene accessories, without any chemical product altering the quality of the diaper. So you can get diapers that stand out from conventional disposable diapers. Some layers also carry humorous messages. For around 0.20cts per layer, you can get, from eco-responsible brands, products certified for their quality and original design.

The quality of the layer

As we have just mentioned, not all baby diapers on the market are created equal. Some are better than others in terms of quality. It goes without saying that a comfortable and healthy diaper will be a little more expensive than a model whose manufacture does not meet health and environmental requirements.

Therefore, do not compromise between the price and the health of your child. Adopt hypoallergenic, healthy and efficient diapers for your baby. There are, for example, diapers with an inner veil made of 0% petroleum-based plastic. So prefer these layers produced by brands committed with 100% natural materials that offer up to 12 hours of protection. The price of a diaper pack whose quality is approved by dermatologists can vary from 20 to 40 euros, depending on the size in particular.

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Layer Quality


Certifications are one of the things that makes the price difference for baby diapers. A certification comes to prove the quality of a product on a specific point. It is therefore normal that brands that have received certifications for their diapers raise their prices a little. Certifications such as Dermatest 5 Star, Standard 100, Seal of Cotton, FSC, Ok Biobased, among others, are a guarantee of quality.

Some brands also offer subscription formulas allowing to obtain a reduction in the price of quality diapers. So you can receive the first boxes of diapers for your baby at around 39 euros, with free delivery.

The diaper budget: several aspects to consider

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when deciding on a budget for diapers to use in teaching your baby to hygiene.

The age of the child

The number of diapers you use will depend on your baby’s age. Consequently, the budget to be foreseen must take this factor into account. It is clear that during the baby’s first weeks, you will have to change it very often. Generally speaking, we can estimate that 5 or even 7 is the minimum number of diapers that you will use each day in the first 8 or 9 weeks.

From week 10, you will normally only need 4 or 5 diapers per day until the baby is around 2.5 years old. It is usually at this age that the child begins to show interest in cleanliness during the day. You will therefore only have to wear a diaper daily, in this case at night. From the age of 3, children acquire the ability to stay clean at night.

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The number of layers to use during the first 3 years

In the first two months (61 days) after your baby is born, you will use between 305 and 427 diapers. From the third month until the age of 2.5 years, approximately 852 days will pass. The number of layers to be used will therefore vary between 3,408 and 4,260 layers. From 2 and a half to 3 years old, you will use an average of 180 diapers. In total, from birth to the 3rd birthday, you will use between 3,893 and 4,867 diapers.

Number of layers to use

The cost of diapers

The cost of baby diapers varies depending on the items mentioned above. If you opt for a diaper at 15 cents, you will have to spend between 584 and 730 euros over 3 years. If they are diapers costing 45 cents each, you will pay between 1,752 and 2,190 euros. Over this period, you will therefore spend a priori at least 584 euros and at most 2 190 euros for the purchase of baby diapers.

In this sense, the natural and original models around 0.20cts each are therefore positioned as a more than interesting alternative.

It is important to note, however, that it is impractical to set a budget for baby diapers over three years, as prices can fluctuate in the market. Just take our estimates into account to establish a monthly budget. We advise you to compare the available offers, in order to choose healthy and comfortable diapers at a good price for your little one.

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