Banque Postale for individuals: the online account

La Banque Postale, a subsidiary of La Poste, is one of those local establishments that offer complete offers. But, how to open a current account in this organization? And how do you access your customer area? Find out about all the formalities for becoming a La Banque Postale customer and having access to its reserved space. What you need to know in the event of a lost or forgotten username or password, and the number to call to contact La Banque Postale.

Who is La Banque Postale?

La Banque Postale is a subsidiary of the La Poste group. It has approximately 10.7 million active retail customers. And it is a partner of more than 400,000 companies and other professionals (actors in the social economy, local public sector, etc.).

It offers its customers a range of banking and insurance products and services adapted to basic needs. For private individuals, La Banque Postale designs offers for managing money and accounts on a daily basis (current account, means of payment, etc.), offers for financing projects (mortgage, consumer credit, crowdfunding), savings and investment products (passbook, life insurance, etc.), damage, health and provident insurance.

La Banque Postale provides individuals with post offices (counter) as well as a number, and the La Banque Postale application on tablet or smartphone.

Open an account at the Postal Bank: how to do ?

It exists two possibilities to open an account with La Banque Postale. The procedures can be carried out in an agency or directly on the Internet.

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Open an account with an advisor

By going to a post office, you can open an account with a La Banque Postale adviser. The professional will help you determine your needs in terms of products and services: payment card, means of payment insurance, overdraft or not…

Opening online on the Internet

It is entirely possible to open an online account (individual or joint) on the La Banque Postale website. The process includes the opening of an Account Plan allowing you to benefit from the following products and services:

  • a payment card: Visa Classic or Visa Premier;
  • account management via the customer area or the mobile application;
  • insurance in the event of loss or theft of means of payment, keys, papers and mobile devices;
  • a checkbook ;
  • a personalized overdraft.

To note : if you wish to open an account outside the Account Formula, the steps are only carried out on site. Go to a post office, or call 09 69 39 00 01 (non-surcharged call) to make an appointment with a bank advisor.

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Supporting documents to be provided

In both cases, you must provide supporting documents:

  • a valid identity document (national card, passport);
  • proof of address (gas, electricity, water bill, etc.);
  • the last proof of income (salary slip of less than two months, last tax notice, certificate from the employer or employment contract of less than two months).

Access my account : where can I find my login ID?

To connect to your Customer Area on the La Banque Postale website, you need your username. This information can be found on your individual account statement. The identifier consists of 10 digits.

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If necessary, your identifier can be sent to you again, by mail. To make this request, contact 36 39 or go to your post office.

Please note that your contact details must be up to date. Indeed, your address is essential to receive your new password. To update your contact details, contact 36 39 or go to the post office with proof of your new address (electricity bill, rent receipt, etc.).

How to login?

To log in to your Customer Space:

  • first enter your 10-digit ID using your keyboard;
  • then, enter your password using your mouse and clicking on each of the digits that make it up;
  • when all the digits of your password are taken into account, click on the « Validate » button.

To note : if identification is refused, check that all the digits of your username or password have been entered correctly. And at any time, when you make a mistake, you can cancel entering your password by clicking on the « Clear » button.

Lost password and blocked access: what to do ?

Password forgotten

Completely forgot your password? To receive a new secret code by mail, make the request by contacting La Banque Postale. The procedures can be carried out by telephone, by going to a post office or on the Internet (provided with your identifier and account number).

Loss of ID

You will easily find your ten-digit identifier on your individual account statement.

And you can also ask that La Poste send you your identifier by mail. To do this, contact the establishment by telephone or go to the post office.

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Access blocked

In the event of three failures when entering the password, your access will be temporarily suspended. You will have the opportunity to try your luck again an hour later.

The precautions to take

Your password should not be disclosed to anyone. Moreover, the virtual keyboard protects you from fraud on the Internet. In your La Banque Postale customer space, you are in a secure environment which guarantees the confidentiality of information. The data exchanged is encrypted.

Know that your secret code is totally personal, and therefore confidential. Memorize it and don’t write it down anywhere. On the other hand, it is advisable to modify it regularly. And don’t use a secret code that’s too easy to guess (eg date of birth).

Furthermore, La Banque Postale will never ask you to communicate your password, whether by telephone, Internet or post.

Contact the Postal Bank: coordinates

As soon as you open a current or savings account, you can access your accounts from 36 39. Bring your personal codes (username and password). This number will allow you to consult the balance of your account as well as the last transactions, and it will also be useful in the event of loss or forgetting your identifier or secret code. The price of communication is 0.15 cts/min + price of a call.

Also note that you can go directly to a post office. La Banque Postale is present throughout the territory. Advisors and tellers will respond to your request.

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