What are the types of shares on the French stock market?

In this short guide, we will discover all the buyable and non-buyable stocks on the stock exchange in order to offer a complete preparation to our users. We will focus in particular on the actions of FDJ, the first company dedicated to gambling in France, which revolutionized the market.

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Is it worth investing in FDJ shares? Read on to find out!

The company was founded in 1976 and attracts not only gamers but also economists because of the profit that the shares of the company can generate. The market it is based on is fundamentally endless, as there will always be someone going to play, so it is a safe investment.

How to win with the actions of the FDJ?

It is not at all difficult to buy shares of the FDJ if you follow our tutorial, which we have done step by step so that everyone, even the most inexperienced, can start investing, we will tell you how and where do it.
Not all online brokers are reliable and not all, even if they are honest, offer many benefits. There is absolutely no need to compromise on the broker’s regulation (that is to say, it must be verified by competent bodies), and finally on the security of the broker himself from the point of view of the technologies of the information.

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Finally, if you want a much more in-depth and broader preparation, we recommend that you visit this site, how to buy Fdj shares. It will give you a much more comprehensive overview of the whole topic, and you can decide for yourself between the different options.

FDJ stock market listing

You can see the share of these shares on Euronext. When the company was launched, with the public auction for the purchase of the shares, the minimum price was 19.50 euros, and today this figure has increased by almost 35%. In addition, if by purchasing your shares in November 2019, the investor held them without selling them for a period longer than 18 months, they also received a free share package.
It is very important to rely on companies that will probably never be able to go bankrupt, like this one: from 1976 to 2010, it maintained a complete monopoly on online games, especially with regard to sports betting. To this day, despite the cutthroat competition, it remains one of the most important companies with very diverse offerings. After the sale in November 2019 of 52% of the shares of the company, nearly half a million investors tried to buy them.
Even today, the company is officially listed on the stock exchange with a total value increased by more than 35%. It is therefore a safe investment, even for those who are new to the stock market listing and all that relates to it.


In conclusion, in order to be able to buy shares of FDJ, some preparation is necessary, which is provided exhaustively in the site that we have linked above. The broker we recommend that you start is eToro, and if you follow our tutorial you can immediately start investing in this and many other stocks with big profits.

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