The best apps to earn money

There are tricks to earn money and gift cards. Make ends meet with a few mobile apps. Play mystery shoppers, watch advertisements or answer surveys to earn points and turn them into euros. Earning money passively is quite possible thanks to these good plans. Find out what these free apps that can earn you big money are.

Bemeye and Mobeye, mystery shopper apps

These are applications that resemble the principle of the mystery shopper. Bemeye and Mobeye give you indications on the assignments to be carried out in stores located around you. The remuneration is around 5 euros, sometimes more or less. The price varies according to the complexity of the mission.

Generally, it is necessary to photograph a product in a department of the store in all discretion. You will also have to answer a short questionnaire relating to the implementation of the products.

An easy task to do and easy to earn pocket money. However, for the right plan to be profitable, it is better not to go to a store on purpose.

Finally, you collect one euro per referral.


Open and download an application to accumulate points thanks to Goldesel. Just leave the app open for two minutes to earn the points.

To unlock them, you will need to be persistent. These are the free games that will earn you the most points. The mobile application also offers a referral system.

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Mysurvey and Toluna, paid survey apps

Mysurvey is one of the popular mobile apps to earn money. Simply answer surveys to earn points redeemable for cash or gift certificates. Financial exchanges are made by Paypal or by bank transfer.

Toluna is also a paid survey app. Register and complete your profile to access the surveys that suit you.

Foap and Scoopshot, apps to sell photos

Do you take pretty pictures? Make your art profitable by selling your shots via the Foap app. Note, even pretty photos on smartphones are accepted, provided they are well framed and of good quality. Photos start at around 5 euros each.

The photographs are then bought by companies wishing to illustrate their document. A good way to make money easily and passively.

To put the odds on your side, take pictures of everyday objects such as cars, toys, furniture… Your photos will be used to illustrate articles.

For its part, Scoopshot also offers an interesting concept. Indeed, you receive orders directly. Take photos for media like Metro or 20 minutes (photo of the sky, the sea, a particular place, etc.). You can be paid between a few euros and up to a hundred euros.

Ulike, get paid to watch ads

This mobile app makes you money every time you unlock your phone. But before that, it makes you indicate your centers of interest. For each advertisement seen, you earn 1 cts. A very small amount but which can quickly climb if you look at your laptop very regularly. Generally, it is possible to earn up to 20 euros per month thanks to the Ulike app. Also increase your kitty by referring your friends.

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Bravoloto and Noon, free online lotteries

Bravoloto does not offer you to win 10 euros per month but 20,000 euros per day, and even 500,000 euros counting the jackpots. You can also win smaller sums or gift cards.

Per day, tick up to 12 grids to hope to win the jackpot. Note that the draw is carried out under the supervision of a bailiff.

This is an application that can earn you big! A good alternative to the Française des Jeux lottery, which is paid.

Noon is also a totally free online lottery app. However, unlike Bravoloto, you will have to answer quizzes using your memory. The more you answer correctly, the more chances you have of winning lottery tickets. The draw takes place every day.

wowapp, an innovative concept

The mobile app introduces itself in the form of an email, except that it displays advertisements. This process allows you to earn money transferable by Paypal or bank transfer.

The Wowapp application also allows you to earn pocket money by completing some very simple tasks such as completing surveys, watching ads, playing games or downloading applications.

Identity, a virtual treasure hunt

The Iden application offers its users a treasure hunt in very real places. Indeed, hundreds of chests have been hidden in public places. A system via the app tells you whether or not you are close to one of them.

The Iden application allows you to win several possible rewards: virtual currency exchangeable for gifts, cash, gifts…

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