Coming to Brest by Plane

Visit Brest and its surroundings from its airport! Ahhh… Brest and its surroundings, its nature, its symbolic lighthouses, its rich heritage, and its splendid islands.

This place certainly evokes a feeling of freedom, but also a trip to the past thanks to its countless vestiges. Indeed, the activities are not lacking: a real pleasure for lovers of wide open spaces and cultural heritage. This multifaceted region is easily accessible from Brest airport. It is indeed served by many cities in France and abroad. When you arrive, prepare to be amazed by this authentic and charming setting!

Brest airport

Brest airport is the busiest in Brittany, serving flights from many cities in France, Europe as well as Morocco and Tunisia. It is located in Finistère, just 10 km from Brest. In 2007, its modern and aesthetic air terminal was inaugurated. The project was intended to welcome a greater number of visitors (up to 1.4 million each year). But its expansion project does not stop there, it now aims to double its number of passengers by 2036!

The terminal is made up of restaurants, shops, travel agencies, car rental agencies…everything is done so that you have a good time on your arrival or before your departure. You should also know that its car park now has more than 2,500 spaces. Brest airport is committed to sustainable development and environmental protection by participating in the “AirportCarbonAccreditation” program. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible.

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Brest Airport: cities and countries served

Companies such as Air France, Ryanair, Finist’Air, Chalair and Volotea allow you to land from many cities in France. So, no more excuses for not coming to Brest! Here are the main cities served:

Paris ;

But also Ouessant, the flagship island of Finistère (no pun intended).

It is also an arrival point for international flights:

Greece: Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini, Heraklion;
Malta: Valletta;
United Kingdom: London, Birmingham, Southampton;
Croatia: Dubrovnik;
Spain: Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Lanzarote;
Italy: Naples, Palermo;
Portugal: Faro, Funchal;
Bulgaria: Varna;
Morocco: Agadir, Fez, Marrakech;
Tunisia: Djerba.

Companies such as Héliades, Vueling, Jet Tours, Aegean Airlines or Mondial Tourisme reach Brest airport.

For an exhaustive list of destinations and companies, consult the official Brest airport page. From the airport, easily reach the city via a shuttle specially chartered for new arrivals.

Visit Brest and its surroundings

Listing ALL the places to visit proves to be a difficult exercise as there are so many activities. Here is a list that brings together the essentials of Brest and its surroundings.

The National Maritime Museum of Brest

The National Maritime Museum is located within a medieval castle. It traces the history of the French navy and more particularly that of Brest. It also has a large collection of tools, weapons, and many other period objects.


Seals, Penguins, tropical fish, sharks and fish of all kinds, this is what awaits you in this magnificent water park. Admire marine animals from all over the world by visiting Océanopolis.

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Hiking and outdoor activities

If you love nature, you will love Finistère! Take the countless paths, trails and beaches available in the region on foot, and discover its breathtaking landscapes. One thing is certain, there is something for everyone: from a short walk to a hike lasting several days (the GR® 34 or the path that leads to Compostela, for example). Bike and horseback riding are also great options.

The lighthouses of Finistère

Marvel at the historic lighthouses that line the coast of Finistère:

The Pointe de Saint-Mathieu Lighthouse;
The Virgin Island lighthouse;
The Kador lighthouse on the Crozon peninsula, and many others!

The island of Ouessant

Thanks to its 5 lighthouses along its coast, Ouessant is nicknamed « the sentinel island », do not miss this place with an idyllic setting. Here’s what you can find there:

A very varied flora, Ouessant is very flowery in summer: it is then dotted with a multitude of colors; It has superb religious sites, windmills and beautiful typical houses; Without forgetting its fauna: gray seals, sheep, seabirds and other animals have taken up residence there.

Take the boat from the commercial port of Brest to get there. On site, you can get around on foot, by bike, by car and by bus.

As you will have understood, Brest conceals many treasures that will delight lovers of outdoor activities, wild landscapes and historical monuments.

So don’t hesitate any longer and take the next flight to Brest!

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