Tips for finding an apartment to rent

Is this your first time renting an apartment? Are you worried about having to endure an unpleasant first rental experience? Or, have your previous rental experiences never lived up to your expectations and this time you are determined to make the right choice? In any case, you deserve to rent an apartment that meets your requirements and allows you to take full advantage of your tenant status.

Here’s how to succeed in your quest for the ideal apartment.

Set your priorities

Everyone has very specific criteria that they highlight during their decision-making process. It can be the amount of rent that matters little, when the quality of the neighborhood is satisfactory, or the opposite total, when your rental budget is well defined, but in addition you attach particular importance to the proximity of shops. and access to transport services.

Indeed, when you list your preferences in order of priority, it allows you to carry out a more precise search, with much less wandering and waste of time.

Ask for an inventory

You have the right to undertake a scrupulous inspection of your potential accommodation, in order to detect any possible damage and defective installations.

First, it allows you to remedy it as soon as possible, to cancel the signing of the contract and then, if you ever sign, to avoid the landlord accusing you of having caused such and such damage and to be thus bound to endorse the reparations.

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Conduct a home visit at the end of the day

It is during this hour that you will be able to concretely assess the quality of the activity of the neighborhood and the neighborhood, in relation to noise, cleanliness and the dynamics of the parking lot.

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Control light and humidity

Be vigilant during your visit and do not settle for superficial details such as decoration. If you detect a damp smell or traces of mold on the walls and ceilings, it’s already a big problem.

If the apartment is on the ground floor or does not have sufficient exposure to the sun, you risk seriously suffering from it later, as financially, by painful energy and electricity bills, as psychically where you will sometimes have the impression of residing in a dungeon!

Prepare a good rental file

Finally, when you set your sights on the perfect little apartment and you feel capable of taking on all the charges and responsibilities, all you have to do is convince the landlord of your solvency.

Thus, when you visit an accommodation, or during a preliminary interview with the owner, take care to always have your file with you, including all the documents and supporting documents, which he will need, such as your employment contract or your last notice of employment. taxation and your last three rent receipts. However, if your income is not worth at least three times the amount of the rent, provide the guarantee of a third person who has better creditworthiness.

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The principle of a successful quest for the ideal apartment is to be well informed. Keep in mind what particularly displeased you during your previous rental and if this is your first time, ask your relatives. This will help you not to leave any details necessary for your bodily and moral well-being.

Good luck in your quest!

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