11 natural treatments for hemorrhoids

Often considered a taboo, the hemorrhoidal crisis nevertheless concerns many people, both men and women. If having hemorrhoids is nothing more normal, on the other hand when they are accompanied by pain, it is better to act. Discover natural remedies to relieve inflammation due to hemorrhoidal disease. All our advice to prevent this evil and overcome hemorrhoids.

A hemorrhoid: What is that ?

Hemorrhoids refer to venous formations located around or inside the anus and rectum. In the normal state, they are painless.

However, in the event of a hemorrhoidal crisis or hemorrhoidal disease, vessels can exteriorize and form a ball at the level of the anus. This is caused by abnormal dilation of these veins. During crises, hemorrhoids cause discomfort of varying intensity as well as a set of symptoms.

Hemorrhoidal disease affects both women and men. Very rare in children, it most often appears around the age of 30, and becomes less frequent from the age of 60.

The causes

There are a number of causes and factors explaining the occurrence of hemorrhoids:

  • a sedentary life, prolonged sitting or, on the contrary, standing too often;
  • sports practiced seated (horse riding, motorcycling, cycling, etc.);
  • repeated high-intensity physical exertion (violent sports, for example);
  • intestinal transit disorders such as constipation, diarrhea. Repeated pushing efforts can lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids;
  • a diet that is too spicy or rich in alcohol, coffee, tea or tobacco;
  • lack of hydration;
  • certain medications (laxatives, antidepressants, local treatments such as suppositories);
  • the heat ;
  • the premenstrual phase, pregnancy and childbirth;
  • digestive tract or liver disease;
  • a family predisposition (heredity).


In the event of a hemorrhoid attack, there is first a more or less significant discomfort, which is accompanied by burning and itching, and sometimes a feeling of heaviness. The pains mainly occur during defecation, sitting or walking.

However, anal pain is not mandatory. Generally, it occurs with a complication. It can be an internal or external thrombosis, the presence of an abscess or anal fissures.

On the other hand, light bleeding is observed in subjects suffering from hemorrhoidal crisis. These micro-bleeds appear at the end of the saddle and are noticeable on clothing or toilet paper. Note that these small bleeds can lead to anemia, shortness of breath and chronic fatigue in the long run. Treatment from the first symptoms is therefore essential.

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Namely: micro-bleeding can be a symptom of other more or less serious illnesses. It is therefore advisable to consult in order to determine the appearance of this slight bleeding.

Natural treatments for hemorrhoids

Adopt the right gestures

To soothe a hemorrhoid crisis, a few gestures may be enough. Among them, good anal hygiene as well as the use of soft toilet paper. You can even wipe yourself with baby wipes to avoid irritation.

On the other hand, cold application has benefits. Use a towel, compress or sitz bath to calm the crisis. Also avoid foods that irritate the mucous membranes (tobacco, coffee, tea, alcohol, spices, etc.), also favor fiber intake so as not to be constipated. Finally, limit overly physical exertion (carrying heavy loads, for example).

Patchouli essential oil

In the event of a hemorrhoidal crisis, this essential oil is ideal because it decongests the venous and lymphatic system.

Mix 3 drops of patchouli essential oil with 3 drops of hazelnut essential oil. Then apply using a finger cot morning and evening, for three weeks.

Note that patchouli essential oil can also be used internally. Take 2 drops morning and evening after meals on a neutral tablet, for two weeks. Renew the operation if necessary.

The red vine

Used in herbal tea, red vine is effective in the fight against hemorrhoids. Simply drink 2-4 cups a day between meals. To prepare your infusion, add a tablespoon to a bowl of boiling water. And leave to infuse for ten minutes.

This natural remedy can also be used in prevention to maintain good venous circulation.

Bach flowers

We no longer present this natural treatment which has multiple health benefits. You can use it against constipation with hemorrhoids.

Bach flowers are taken for 21 days in the amount of 3 drops 3 times a day. The drops should be held under the tongue for one minute before swallowing.

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Attention, this remedy is contraindicated in young children, pregnant women, as well as in alcoholics in the process of weaning.

Green clay

The green clay poultice is known for its many health benefits. This remedy accelerates healing while locally sanitizing.

Place a thick layer of clay directly on the skin. Then, apply a compress for about 30 minutes. Then clean with a little cold water. The operation can be repeated 2 to 3 times a day.


There is a homeopathic treatment indicated against hemorrhoidal disease when it is accompanied by pain.

Take 5 granules of Aesculus Hippocastanum in 5CH every two hours for 2 to 3 days. There are no contraindications.


The reflex point corresponding to the rectum is located on the inside of the foot, at the level of the heel. Simply have this area massaged from top to bottom by a specialist.

Please note that this is not recommended for pregnant women. And the massage should not be performed on an open wound.

A cold sitz bath

The cold sitz bath soothes hemorrhoidal attacks by relieving pain. Dip only the buttocks in a basin filled with cold water (about 15 cm). Stay like this for 5 to 15 minutes. And repeat the operation another time during the day if necessary.

Use this natural remedy before meals because the cold can cut digestion.

Ice cubes

Those who are not afraid of the cold will opt for this alternative method to the sitz bath. Place ice cubes in a washcloth, then apply topically.

witch hazel

This plant tones the venous network and calms inflammation. You can use it in herbal tea, or apply it locally. For this, use a compress (2 g of leaves for 1 cup of boiling water infused for ten minutes and placed in a cool place).

Note that repeated cold application further relieves pain due to hemorrhoids.

The onions

Onions stimulate blood circulation while decreasing excessive dilation of vessels. You can also use this natural remedy during the meal or as a poultice.

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The recipe for onion poultice turns out to be very simple. Simply boil an onion in water, then grind it into a paste. Then spread this paste between two compresses. And apply to the painful area while lying down as much as possible.

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CBD to relieve hemorrhoidal crisis

If you are reading these lines, you are certainly looking to relieve the pain associated with a large hemorrhoidal flare-up. Sometimes hemorrhoid treatments and grandmother’s recipes remain ineffective. If you are forced to stand or sit on your butt due to family or work obligations, you can consider the solution of powerful organic cbd oils.

So let’s be clear: it’s not going to cure you. Here, the goal is to relieve pain. If you have read a little about the appearance of hemorrhoids, you know that it is due to inflammation and dilation of the blood vessels, located around the anus. CBD, which is a component of cannabis, precisely helps reduce inflammation. It also has a soothing action. CBD can therefore relieve the symptoms of a hemorrhoidal attack, while healing takes place.

Rest assured, there is no question of consuming an illicit product. In France, it is possible to consume cannabis if the THC dosage does not exceed 0.2%. This is why we are talking to you about CBD, completely legally.

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