Natural Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea, also called couperose or acne rosacea, affects adults, and mainly women with fair complexions. Characterized by unsightly redness on the face, this skin disease often represents a daily handicap. Fortunately, there are natural solutions to soothe and reduce inflammation. Find out what grandmother’s remedies are for fighting rosacea. Focus on alternative medicine before considering antibiotic treatment or surgery.

Rosacea: What is that ?

Rosacea, more commonly known as couperose, is a skin disease affecting small blood vessels. This condition affects the face and can be particularly unsightly. On the other hand, it is a chronic progressive skin disease affecting approximately 3% of the adult population.

In fact, rosacea associates erythrosis, couperose and follicular papulo-pustule. This pathology should not be confused with juvenile acne. Rosacea generally appears around the age of 40/50 in women with fair skin and blue eyes. However, it can concern younger subjects, from the age of 25, as well as men. Most often, rosacea occurs after 50 years in men.

The causes

The exact origin of rosacea is unknown. However, research considers several causes:

  • a genetic cause;
  • an environmental cause;
  • abnormal reaction of small blood vessels to heat;
  • the presence of Demodex. It is a mite on the skin of the face.

If the causes are still unclear, on the other hand, we know several contributing factors:

  • exposure to sun or wind;
  • very low or high temperatures;
  • high-intensity physical exercise;
  • fever ;
  • the stress ;
  • very hot baths or showers;
  • strong emotions;
  • alcohol and hot drinks;
  • spices ;
  • cosmetics containing alcohol;
  • certain medications such as corticosteroids or anti-hypertensives;
  • gastritis or diaphragmatic hernia;
  • hormonal or neuropsychic factors.


There are several symptoms depending on the stage of the disease:

  • stage 1: transient intense redness (5 minutes) on the nose and cheekbones, feeling of heat, burning or tingling;
  • stage 2: permanent redness (erythrosis), visible dilated vessels, couperose on the cheeks, sides of the nose and cheekbones;
  • stage 3: unsightly red pimples sometimes with a white head, desquamation;
  • stage 4: persistent edema, thickening of the skin with swelling on the nose, chin and forehead.
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To know : Progression from one stage to another depends on the person affected. In some cases, rosacea also affects the eyes, causing conjunctivitis or inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis) or cornea (keratitis). A certain number of signs are then observed: tearing of the eyes, injection of blood into the eyes, red and swollen eyelids, sensation of a foreign body in the eye, burning, dry eyes, blurred vision. In case of eye damage, consult an ophthalmologist in addition to your general practitioner.

natural treatments for rosacea

In case of rosacea, an antibiotic treatment will be prescribed by your doctor. In the most severe forms of rosacea, surgery is also considered. But before resorting to it, know that there are natural solutions to overcome this skin disease.

Gentle cleansers

People with rosacea have every interest in taking care of their skin. Clean it with very mild lotions and milks. And also use a non-greasy moisturizer. You must absolutely avoid all greasy cosmetics and those containing aggressive products such as fruit acids, retinol, vitamin A or C. Also ban some beauty gestures such as exfoliation, peeling, masks or skin cleansing.

Eye hygiene

If rosacea has also affected the eyes, follow good eye hygiene by:

  • applying warm compresses to each eye for about ten minutes every day;
  • massaging the eyelids regularly;
  • rinsing and cleaning the eyes with a saline solution;
  • using artificial tears if you suffer from dry eye.

Protect yourself from the sun

Sun exposure is an aggravating factor. It is therefore important to protect yourself as much as possible when you suffer from rosacea.

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In town, an index of 30 is necessary. And if there is a lot of sun, plan for an SPF 50 or even 50+. Be careful never to use textures that are too greasy.


On the side of alternative medicine, trust herbal medicine to fight against this skin disease. And hawthorn is perfect. Use it in the form of mother tincture or glycerinated bud macerate (50 drops three times a day, five days a week, for three weeks). The cure can be renewed if necessary.


Against rosacea, several homeopathic treatments are recommended, to be adapted according to the subject: Pulsatilla, Lachesis mutus, Eugenia jambosa, Sanguinaria canadensis, Ledum palustre. Seek advice from a specialist.

essential oil

On the aromatherapy side, there are also natural remedies to overcome rosacea. The most suitable essential oil is called Corsican helichrysum. It helps reduce redness. Simply put a drop of essential oil in a dab of moisturizer at bedtime, for a week, every other week, for a month.

Note that you can absolutely mix a drop of Corsican helichrysum EO in vegetable argan oil (one teaspoon). Then apply to the lesions in the evening before sleeping, every other week.

Let’s add that tea tree essential oil can also be a good natural remedy to overcome rosacea.

hemp vegetable oil

Rich in omega-3 and -6, hemp oil is an excellent natural treatment for improving the texture of the dermis. Apply it in case of redness linked to rosacea.


Chamomile has many health benefits. It contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. It is also gentle on the skin.

Use chamomile tea to cleanse the face. Cool an herbal tea. You can also use this natural remedy in the form of soap or moisturizer, or essential oil. In the latter case, simply mix four or five drops for 50 g of moisturizer.


This plant with a thousand virtues has soothing and healing properties. It is marketed in the form of an ointment and cream to be applied to redness to reduce it.

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The aloe vera

Soothe your redness with aloe vera. Its calming effect is recommended in case of rosacea.

cider vinegar

This grandmother’s remedy with multiple benefits cleanses the skin and prevents inflammation. Use apple cider vinegar as a lotion on skin with rosacea. Dilute a spoonful of cider vinegar in a glass of water. Be careful, be sure to dilute the natural product well to avoid any aggression to the skin.

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