How to decorate a dining room buffet?

In a dining room, the sideboard is a practical piece of furniture. Indeed, it is most often used to store beautiful dishes. But beyond its functional aspect, it is a piece of furniture that allows the personalization of its interior.

To bring an original and/or warm note to your room, it is recommended to decorate a dining room buffet with care. How to go about it ? Discover our decoration ideas and tips to transform any ordinary sideboard into a unique piece.

Decorate a dining room buffet with pretty tableware

To decorate a dining room buffet, there are several possibilities. The first is to use the piece of furniture as a work surface. Instead of cluttering up your kitchen, put your pretty dishes on the dining room sideboard.

It can be beautiful porcelain plates or wine glasses. On the one hand, you avoid going back and forth between the kitchen and your place of reception. And on the other, you decorate your furniture with uniqueness.

Compose a small garden with aromatic plants

bring a touch green in a dining room can be done easily with this trick. Create a veritable aromatic garden on your dining room buffet.

Basil, mint, cherry tomatoes, tarragon… In addition to bringing freshness to your room, these plants will give off a pleasant smell. Be careful, however, that your plants are guaranteed pesticide-free!

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Unique decoration: japan at home

Does Japanese culture inspire you? This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your Japanese decor. To give elegance to your dining room sideboard, adorn it with a cherry branch, for example. You can also opt for objects whose Japanese motifs invite you to travel.

Frames placed on the sideboard

Trend, this solution remains one of the least restrictive. To decorate the top of your row, put frames. Several possibilities are then available to you: either you attach paintings to the wall, above the sideboard, or you put them directly on your piece of furniture, as if it were a shelf.

And what can be put in the frames? Up to you ! If you want to personalize your decoration, consider family photos or holiday memories. And for a decor in tune with the times, turn to the posters of young designers, for example.

But in any case, plan to create a visual harmony so that your visitors do not have the impression that your decoration is not really one.

To note : if you do not like accumulation but prefer singularity, it is quite possible to opt for a large painting or an XXL mirror. Work by a local artist, reproduction of a famous painting, asymmetrical mirror… Indulge yourself by displaying your preferences on the wall or directly on the sideboard. However, avoid overly common motifs (eg still life, smooth landscape) which would obscure your interior without giving it any originality. And on the mirror side, select a bold format.

Friendly atmosphere with soft lighting

To decorate a dining room buffet while spreading an intimate atmosphere, consider designer lamps. Choose a style (industrial, Scandinavian, vintage, etc.) and arrange several lights on your furniture. The soft light will bring a cocooning scent to your room.

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Advice : so that the whole remains harmonious and that your dining room does not look like a lighting store, opt for pretty models and alternate sizes.

Buffet : themed decoration according to the seasons

The other decoration idea consists in taking inspiration from the calendar to compose decorations and stagings. If you have kids at home, this can be a fun family activity.

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… So many celebrations and highlights in the year that deserve a beautiful decoration in the dining room. On your buffet, arrange objects, accessories and decorative elements that recall the time of year. Take out the hearts, crowns, eggs, tree balls, Santa Claus figurines, not to mention the natural elements (pine cones, holly branches, etc.).

And if you don’t feel like following the festivities, perhaps you would let yourself be guided by the beautiful natural colors. Thus, an autumn decoration can dazzle a house with its red hues and its warm and romantic tones. As for spring, it is also a season that allows you to make pretty floral decorations.

A floral composition to decorate a dining room buffet

Perhaps you imagine that this solution lacks originality? And yet, the flowers allow all the audacity in terms of dining room decoration.

If you are more traditional, opt for a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. And arrange it in a vase with an original design to bring a bold note to the whole.

And those who like to think outside the box will opt for other unusual plants. Thus, one can easily decorate a dining room buffet with vegetable moss, to be placed on a white display. You will easily find moss in the forest during your walks.

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The other idea is to select a beautiful flowering branch to place it in a large transparent vase. This floral decoration will bring a lot of cachet and elegance to your room.

Display your travel memories on a sideboard

And if the dining room remained the ideal place to exhibit your best holiday memories. Forget the clichés by the sea, and instead arrange evocative objects under a glass bell or in a large transparent vase.

Sand, shell, for example, will find their place on your sideboard. An evocation to elsewhere without moving from home.

Painting on furniture: scandinavian style decor

The Scandinavian style as well as the Scandicraft style still have a bright future ahead of them. To create a cozy atmosphere at home, paint your old dining room furniture in soft and warm colors.

You can revamp your sideboard by painting it taupe or with a pastel shade (pink, blue, etc.). And to perfect the Nordic atmosphere, consider placing a few Scandinavian design objects on the furniture (lamp, figurine, candle holder, etc.). These accessories are distinguished by their straight and clean lines.

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