Cruralgia: natural treatments

Less known than sciatica, cruralgia is nevertheless one of the most painful inflammations. So, how to recognize this evil which is expressed by the compression of one of the roots of the crural nerve? Find out everything you need to know about this disabling neurological pain (definition, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, etc.). And in addition to drug treatments, there are natural solutions to treat these back pains. We tell you what grandmother’s remedies are and the right things to do to stop suffering!

What is cruralgia?

Cruralgia means a neurological pain located along the crural nerve, from the back to the front of the leg. This disease has its origin in the compression of one of the roots of this nerve.

The diagnosis of the pathology is based on a clinical examination. A test can establish the diagnosis. This is the reversed Lasègne sign which consists of placing the person flat on his stomach and forcing the extension of the leg backwards. If this movement is painful, the person suffers from cruralgia. And additional examinations can be carried out to determine the origin of the disease: X-ray of the lumbar spine, scanner or MRI of the lumbar spine.

Generally, cruralgia is treated with medication because it shows no signs of seriousness (paralysis). And surgery is considered if the pain persists.


Depending on the affected root, the pain is felt in different places : in the anterior part of the thigh, the external part of the buttock, the tibia, the edge of the foot.

Note that cruralgia is even more painful than sciatica. And the disease can be manifested by the presence of painful areas on palpation as well as burning or tingling sensations.

In the case of paralyzing cruralgia, certain areas of the body such as the knee or the heel of the foot may be partially or totally paralyzed.

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The causes

Different causes explain the occurrence of cruralgia:

  • spinal canal stenosis;
  • malignant or benign tumor;
  • vertebra fracture;
  • cyst;
  • abscess in the pelvis;
  • herniated disc ;
  • osteoarthritis…

To note : herniated disc and osteoarthritis represent the two main causes of cruralgia.

Natural treatments for cruralgia


Acupressure on the vertebrae and the lumbar area improves blood circulation, and therefore reduces pain. Acquire a massage mat to perform acupressure.

thermal water

Balneotherapy is an effective solution for relieving pain associated with cruralgia. Indeed, thermal water has anti-inflammatory benefits.

You can also use clay mud as a poultice to soothe your ailments, as well as massage jets and whirlpool baths.

Trace elements

The anti-inflammatory effect of trace elements can relieve certain back and leg pains.

Consume silicon or magnesium as a cure. You will find them in the form of ampoules or dietary supplements.

Essential oils

Aromatherapy has many virtues on health, and in particular for treating cruralgia. Use the product in massage and in combination with sweet almond oil.

Among the essential oils recommended for an inflammation of the crural nerve, there is EO of lemon verbena, those of ginger or Roman chamomile.


The osteopath will treat the cruralgia by releasing the muscles and other structures at the origin of the compression of the crural nerve.

At the lumbar level, the treatment will aim to restore mobility to the vertebrae. And if a herniated disc is the cause of the inflammation, the practitioner will treat it.

Finally, in case of osteoarthritis, the osteopath will restore a good postural balance to limit the consequences.


The physiotherapist may recommend gentle stretching to relieve pain. And in the long term, physio exercises can prevent the risk of recurrence. Indeed, it corrects the imbalances and weaknesses of the back muscles.

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On the other hand, it is better to be patient because progress is very slow. But, they will end up paying!

The sport

Contrary to popular belief, gently practicing a sport can be beneficial for back pain.

In agreement with your general practitioner, practice swimming, cycling or another gentle sport. These activities solicit the body without excess and prevent the appearance of painful muscular contractures.

Work-related disc herniation: the right reflex

Some herniated discs causing cruralgia can be linked to the professional world (carrying heavy loads, exposure to vibrations, etc.).

In this case, it is advisable to contact the occupational physician for professional care.


There are homeopathic treatments to get rid of neuralgia. It is recommended to take 5 granules of the natural remedy Colocynthis 15 CH, as many times as necessary.

In case of numb limbs and very intense pain, it is recommended to use Plumbum or Gnaphalium (7 or 9 CH). And in case of pain at the slightest movement, the Bryonia 7 or 9 CH remedy can be the solution. Finally, if the affected person feels jerks or tenderness of the limbs to the touch, Belladonna 5.7 or 9 CH should be used.

Seek advice from a homeopath. This specialist will advise you on the most appropriate treatment and will guide you on the dosage.

The harpagophytum

The roots of this plant, more familiarly called Devil’s Claw, have benefits for inflammation.


Arnica is an effective natural treatment in case of cruralgia by herniated disc. Use the plant daily in the form of an ointment or cream to apply to the affected areas.

When should you call a doctor?

If you feel numbness or tingling between your legs or around your buttocks, if you lose control of your bladder or bowels, if you feel weakness in your legs or if your back pain is severe, contact a doctor immediately.

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On the other hand, if your symptoms persist for more than 15 days or if the pain intensifies, consult a doctor within 48 hours.

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