Where to stay during a stay in Cuba?

The Caribbean, the turquoise sea, the gastronomy… These are all assets that the largest island of the Antilles, Cuba, has. For a stay in this paradisiacal, but colorful nature, you still have to find the ideal accommodation. Here are some ideas, from unusual accommodation to eco-responsible housing, to have a good time in a typical Cuban atmosphere, far from the beaten tourist track!

The cabin on stilts: eco-friendly Cuban accommodation

Cuba is full of many little corners of paradise, whether by the sea or in the historic lands, where most of the buildings with colonial architecture mingle. To avoid the hubbub of cities, and spend nights conducive to meditation, why not opt ​​for original accommodation, namely, the cabin on stilts? Be careful though: avoid “cabañas” like those in Yucatan, which are made of wood and a little rustic, and prefer “cabañas” instead. casa particular », perfectly suited to romantic or family stays.

Sleep with Cubans, the immersive option

During a tour in Cuba, it is better to be in the heart of the adventure, is not it? In this case, choose an increasingly popular option: homestay accommodation. Beyond its economic dimension, this option is a unique opportunity to meet locals, who will be keen to share with you their customs and lifestyle, especially culinary. Renowned for being very warm, your Cuban hosts can make you taste a traditional dish like Picadillo, after a long day of sightseeing.

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Do eco-responsible glamping, by the sea or in Cuban national parks

Do you know glamping, this trend that mixes “camping” and “glamorous” type accommodation? In short, they are generally small bungalows managed by local owners, where everything is tailor-made: decoration, activity program, your hosts are real local guides. Very charming, glamping accommodations are increasingly popular in tourist areas, even if they were originally developed in several types of cities. With or without collective shower, board or activities: it’s up to you to choose according to your wishes. A good way to live a great experience with all the necessary comfort.

The Eco Lodges, head for Cuban nature

It is strongly discouraged to stay in tourist areas if you want to experience an authentic and immersive stay in Cuba, especially if you are not afraid to go on an adventure. Cuban nature has so many surprises in store for you that it would be a shame to miss out. This is why Eco Lodges are a perfect option to kill two birds with one stone: promote local tourism and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. You will find them everywhere across the country, especially in the Topes de Collantes park.

And you, ready to leave with your backpack?

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