How to deposit cash at Fortuneo

This is a question that comes up often. Can I deposit cash at Fortuneo? Fortuneo is an interesting online bank that offers more than positive investment prospects. However, it is an online bank. She has her strengths and weaknesses. The latter are, unfortunately, a little too present. We will find the deposit of cash which concerns a major problem for many neobanks. Why ?

Cash deposit must be secure, reliable and intuitive. It doesn’t have to be a chore for the person who wants to deposit money into their bank account. However, it is sometimes a real constraint that can lead to two situations. Either the person will decide to use an online bank account as a backup account, which means the cheapest account, or even a free account, or the person will stay in their traditional bank, to the detriment of banks in line.

This is not unique to Fortuneo customers. This is existing data for all customers who have a bank account in a neobank.

In this article, we will quickly discuss Fortuneo and the solution available to deposit cash with complete peace of mind.

An online bank, above all, thought for investors

The great strength of Fortuneo is to be interested in the investment sector. This online bank will offer the various classic services found in a bank, with an attractive current account, a sleek mobile banking application that is easy to manage on a daily basis, and solutions for saving and investing. This last point is the distinctive sign of this bank which is there, above all, to offer solutions to its customers who want to invest and earn money.

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As part of the stock market and investments, we end up with precise specific conditions that are intelligently studied to offer attractive plans to its customers.

the only regret that we can have from this online bank is the absence of consumer credit. It is a great desolation. Almost all other online banks will offer this type of credit which is more than interesting. It is a solution to finance a hard blow that has just happened in life, such as a car that breaks down or a happy moment such as financing a wedding or buying a new house! Hopefully this service will be available soon!

Is cash deposit available at Fortuneo?

Unfortunately, this is not a function available at Fortuneo, and we doubt that it ever will be. It is possible to deposit bank checks, to make interbank transfers or to make credits by bank card, from the moment when this card is not that of Fortuneo.

However, there is a very interesting solution to deposit money into their Fortuneo bank account. It’s about keeping your traditional account and depositing the cash you have in this bank account. Thereafter, once it is present on the current account of this online bank, all that remains is to make a transfer to the Fortuneo current account that you have. In just a few daysthe cash will end up directly in the Fortuneo account!

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