How to become a pharmacy technician?

They are among the professionals we work with regularly. Pharmacy assistants most often work in pharmacies, when they are not employed by a laboratory or a hospital. But regardless of the place of practice, the pharmacy assistant must have many qualities to carry out his various missions.

Discover the many facets of this profession close to the pharmacist and the doctor. And follow our advice to become a pharmacy assistant and develop professionally (training, salary, career plan, etc.). Everything you need to know about this medication and prescription specialist.

Where does a pharmacy technician work (location, geographical area) ?

The pharmacy assistant most often performs his duties in a pharmacy. Moreover, 90% of job offers come from pharmacies, whether they are located in cities or rural areas.

But this professional can also intervene outside a pharmacy. Thus, it can be used in the central pharmacy of a hospital establishment or in a laboratory (pharmaceutical industry).

Note that the job market varies according to geographical areas. But overall, there is real demand, especially in big cities. To seize opportunities, the pharmacy assistant therefore has every interest in having a certain geographical mobility.

What does a pharmacy assistant do? His missions.

The pharmacy assistant has several tasks:

  • firstly, the receipt of orders and the storage of drugs according to very specific criteria;
  • then, inventory management (verification of dates, elimination of expired products, ordering from laboratories or wholesalers);
  • then, delivery of drugs to customers on prescription with verification of the dosage and absence of dangerous associations. The professional must also ensure that the client has fully understood the terms of taking the medication;
  • and registration of care sheets;
  • updating of the register of dangerous products (with name of the doctor, name and address of the patient concerned);
  • remote transmission of data to health insurance funds;
  • carrying out preparations and sterilizing the equipment if the work is carried out in a hospital centre;
  • finally, control of the products before their packaging in the laboratory.
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The qualities required to become a pharmacy assistant

To work in a pharmacy as a preparer, you need to have several qualities:

  • be vigilant, rigorous, methodical and organized so as not to make mistakes. If so, the consequences can be dramatic. The dizzy or those who lack concentration should therefore avoid this profession;
  • have an excellent knowledge of medicines, even if it is not a question of being a doctor or a doctor;
  • have a good sense of human contact and have a taste for service (courtesy, smile, etc.);
  • know how to listen, advise and reassure customers as needed. For this, it is necessary to show patience and great discretion;
  • be physically tough and in good physical condition because the work is always done standing up.

To know : just like the pharmacist, the pharmacy preparer is criminally responsible for the deliveries and preparations he makes.

The training needed to become a pharmacy technician

What baccalaureate do you need to become a trainer?

To become a pharmacy assistant, you must first obtain a baccalaureate. It is advisable to have a scientific baccalaureate (baccala S). This is the royal road. However, the profession remains open to other baccalaureates such as the STL baccalaureate, the SMS baccalaureate and the ASSP pro baccalaureate.

Professional Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Training to become a pharmacy assistant continues with the Professional Certificate of Pharmacy Assistant. This diploma is obtained at the end of a 2-year work-study program. You will have several teaching subjects, which require you to have a scientific mind:

  • pathology
  • pharmacology
  • microbiology
  • medical devices
  • galenic pharmacy
  • immunology
  • toxicology
  • herbal medicine
  • communication
  • botanical
  • homeopathy
  • chemistry, biochemistry.
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State Diploma of Preparer in Hospital Pharmacy

Then, to work in a hospital center as an assistant, you must hold a State Diploma in Hospital Pharmacy Assistant (DEPPH). This diploma is obtained after one year of training, and can also be prepared on a work-study basis.

Note that various establishments provide this education to become a pharmacy technician in a hospital. Among them, the University Hospitals of Bordeaux, Lille, Tours, the Hospitals of Paris and Marseille, etc.

Conditions of exercise and possible changes

Exercice place

With the Professional Pharmacy Preparer Certificate, the preparer can work in a pharmacy or in the pharmaceutical industries.

On the other hand, to integrate a hospital establishment, it is necessary to obtain a State Diploma of Preparer in Hospital Pharmacy (DEPPH). This is a certification that is obtained after one year of training, with the possibility of alternating.


A pharmacy assistant who is just starting out earns an average of 1,500 euros gross. However, the remuneration of this professional fluctuates according to the region and the type of establishment that employs him. However, the amount of the salary remains governed by the Collective Agreement for the profession.

Career developments

Then there are multiple career paths. The pharmacy preparer can become a health executive after 4 years of experience in a hospital environment. He must also obtain the competition specific to the profession.

And to become a trainer in a training center for the profession of pharmacy preparer, you need 5 years of professional experience as well as additional training of 2 years.

Finally, note that the pharmacy preparer may follow another professional orientation. With his training and experience, he (or she) can be a medical visitor. This job consists of driving around an entire region to go door-to-door with prescribers (doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists). This commercial attaché then represents one or more pharmaceutical laboratories to promote their products and have them prescribed to patients.

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