How to have white teeth with braces?

Wearing braces can only benefit your teeth. However, cleaning them becomes more complicated. Additionally, there are going to be more detriments that will be retained between the teeth and the medical device. This does not prevent you from always having white teeth. Here are various methods for you that will help you do this.

Keep your teeth clean first

Before talking about whitening, cleaning teeth is all about getting them clean. In other words, you must continue with a healthy lifestyle for your oral organ. This will help prevent quick and hard to remove discoloration from your gums. Indeed, the wearing of dental braces promotes this harm.

To complete you cleansing, it is better to avoid cigarette, alcohol and coloring foods. These three factors contribute to the deterioration of the natural color of the teeth. Drinking enough water, consuming vegetables and fruits will help ensure the hygiene of your teeth. Using a straw will minimize the contact of certain liquids with your teeth.

Bring solutions other than ordinary cleaning

Special care is required for the health of your teeth when wearing braces. You don’t need to do all of them, but choose according to your preference. We can cite for this: dental floss and electric brush.

The first option after regular teeth maintenance may be flossing. You can do it yourself and in a short time to eradicate the food residues retained around the dental appliance. To do this, you can invest in a water flosser. Easy to use and painless, such equipment will save you time. It stands out above all for its effectiveness for cleaning with dental plaque.

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The second alternative is the electric toothbrush. This accessory provides thorough cleaning between the teeth and around the braces. An inclination of 45° in relation to the gums and a duration of two minutes will be more than sufficient to preserve the whiteness of your teeth. For more satisfaction, repeat the operation after each meal and as if you were massaging your teeth.

Opt for more sophisticated whitening methods

If you are in a hurry to have white teeth, the ideal is to turn to techniques such as whitening strips, trays with whitening gel or whitening toothpaste. However, consulting the advice of a dentist is strongly recommended in these cases.

Whitening strips are a finishing tool. They are to be applied when the wearing of braces is about to end. Their effectiveness no longer needs to be demonstrated. And to your delight, the whitening strips even work with the braces still on. Indeed, the ability of the enamel to absorb the whitening gel of the strip has been proven. Thus, a uniform white surface will be there after the retraction of the dental corrector.

Trays with whitening gel provide the same results. The application of the gel only requires control of the distribution. During and after wearing braces, a whitening toothpaste will repair the color of your teeth and keep it.

If your means do not allow sophisticated solutions, you can always count on homemade tips. The cures of baking soda and activated charcoal remain effective in obtaining white teeth. You can perform them during dental attachment. There is also the use of dental floss and interdental brush.

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The purpose of braces is to achieve proper placement of the teeth and a nice smile. However, if you do not maintain your enamel properly, they will turn yellow and damaged. Now you know how to go about it.

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