Calculate your ideal weight

Would you like to gain a few pounds, or on the contrary, lose some? How to calculate your ideal weight? For aesthetic reasons or to alleviate a health problem, this data can be essential. But, how to calculate your ideal weight? If we all know the BMI, know that there are other formulas that allow you to obtain an indicative result. Discover all the solutions to know the weight you should be.

What is BMI?

The BMI (Body Mass Index) measures your corpulence based on your weight and height. The calculation does not take your gender into account.

This is the only reliable index recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization). And it makes it possible to determine whether one is in a situation of thinness, overweight or obesity.

On the other hand, this indicator will not calculate your ideal weight, but represents a good starting point.

Calculate your BMI

To determine your BMI, simply divide your weight (in kg) by the square of your height (m). Know that a normal BMI is between 18.5 and 25.

The result obtained corresponds to an interpretation of the WHO:

  • less than 18.5: underweight (thinness);
  • from 18.5 to 25: normal corpulence;
  • from 25 to 30: overweight;
  • from 30 to 35: moderate obesity;
  • from 35 to 40: severe obesity;
  • over 40: morbid obesity.

Her ideal weight with the Lorentz formula (according to gender)

Beyond the BMI, there are three other formulas that allow you to calculate your ideal weight. The first, the Lorentz formula takes into account the sex of the person.

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You should know that this formula is little used nowadays because it does not take into account other determining criteria such as age, morphology or bone structure.

On the other hand, as with the other formulas, the calculation does not work on people who are minors or over 65, nor if on pregnant women or athletes.

To calculate your ideal weight with the Lorentz formula, you must enter your gender (female or male) as well as your height in cm.

Creff’s formula according to morphology

The other so-called Creff formula takes into account morphology and age. Thus, your ideal weight differs according to your morphology, whether it is thin, normal or wide.

To note : the result obtained remains entirely subjective.

To calculate your ideal weight using the Creff method, you will need to enter your height (in cm), your age and your morphology.

The Monnerot-Dumaine formula according to the framework

Finally, this last formula takes into account muscle mass and bone structure. To calculate your ideal weight using the Monnerot-Dumaine formula, you will need to measure the circumference of your wrist, which is a good indicator of your bone structure and muscle mass. And you will also need to fill in your height in cm. But again, this is only an indicative result.

Calculate your ideal weight on the Internet using online calculator tools.

To note : Nothing replaces a consultation with your general practitioner or your dietitian to determine your ideal weight.

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