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Alongside traditional banks such as Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel or La Banque Postale, there are other establishments rooted in the territory. Among them, Banque Dupuy de Parseval. This family organization covers Languedoc-Roussillon. In addition, it offers banking offers and services for businesses, professionals, associations and individuals. Discover in detail the particularities of this little-known bank in France. And also find out about what it offers in terms of means of payment, young people’s offers, online banking… We also explain the steps to open an account within the establishment and consult your statements from your personal space. Everything you need to know about Banque Dupuy de Parseval before becoming a client!

Presentation of Banque Dupuy de Parseval

Banque Dupuy de Parseval has existed since 1845 and has known 7 generations of bankers. In addition, the establishment occupies a relatively important position in its home region, Languedoc-Roussillon.

Originally, its creation in Sète had the ambition to meet the needs of trading and regional trade. Little by little, the organization has become the privileged partner of companies and professionals. However, it also offers products for individuals.

Banque Dupuy de Parseval strives to create a close relationship with its customers by being both available and attentive. Customer contact therefore remains privileged despite the existence of an online bank. The objective is then to provide its customers with a range of personalized banking products and services. To achieve this, the establishment can count on its 300 employees, most of whom come from Languedoc-Roussillon. They are distributed in more than 50 agencies.

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Finally, note that the organization also belongs to the BPCE group, the second largest banking group in France.

How to open an account at Banque Dupuy de Parseval?


To open an account at Banque Dupuy, de Parseval, you must first find the branch closest to your home. To do this, use the tool made available to you:

Once the agency has been selected, enter your details in the form that appears on the screen. You can be called back by an advisor or be contacted by email, as desired.

Note that it is also possible to contact an advisor by telephone. Find the telephone number of the agency that interests you by clicking on its file.

The documents to provide

For your request to be processed, you will need to bring an identity document (national identity card, passport, no driving licence), proof of address (electricity bill, gas bill, telephone …) as well as your last tax notice.

And to open an account for your children, know that only the family record book and an accommodation certificate will be required.

Finally, to open an additional account, all you have to do is make a request to your adviser.

The banking services of this bank

online bank

Have you opened an account and want to check its balance remotely? Online banking makes it possible. It is also useful for carrying out day-to-day banking transactions.

And in terms of remote banking, the Dupuy de Parseval establishment offers several formulas:

  • illico net to access your account everywhere and continuously (24 hours a day, 7 days a week);
  • the BDP app to control your budget from your tablet or smartphone;
  • BDP Phone to query your account at any time via a simple phone call.
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Note: Banque Dupuy de Parseval also has 3D Secure, which allows you to make purchases on the internet in complete security.

Bank cards

Three cards of different ranges are marketed by Banque Dupuy, de Parseval:

  • the Visa Classic card to pay for your purchases in France and abroad;
  • the Visa Premier card to also benefit from privileges;
  • the Visa Infinite card in order to benefit from exceptional services.

The youth offer

The banking organization is also interested in young people between the ages of 18 and 28 by offering them a dedicated offer. In addition to tailor-made pricing and solutions to deal with the unexpected, the youth offer includes:

  • a cash facility;
  • a deductible of agios;
  • free student loan application fees;
  • overdraft insurance;
  • the ability to manage their accounts remotely…

The Support Offer for Customers in a Fragile Situation (OCF)

This system gives the right to a specific cap on the costs related to payment incidents. It is set at 16.50 euros per month.

The offer also includes:

  • maintaining, closing and opening the deposit account;
  • a Visa Electron systematic authorization debit card;
  • the deposit or withdrawal of cash in branches;
  • four monthly SEPA transfers, one of which is permanent;
  • unlimited SEPA direct debit payments;
  • two bank checks per month;
  • consultation of the account remotely and the possibility of carrying out management operations to another account within the same establishment;
  • the supply of bank details;
  • an annual change of address;
  • the specific ceiling on intervention fees (article R.312-4-2 of the Monetary and Financial Code).

Other services

Banque Dupuy, de Parseval also provides its individual customers with:

  • classic savings products (passbook A, CSL, LDDS, CEL, LEP, young savings account);
  • loans and insurance to finance and protect your home, vehicles or personal projects;
  • offers for young people (student loan, first-time home loan).
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The rates

Subscription to remote banking services is billed at 3.20 euros per month, or 38.40 euros per year.

As for account maintenance fees, they amount to 17.95 euros per quarter, or 71.80 euros per year.

Consult all the pricing applied by the establishment by downloading the brochure available from this page:

Online account: how to access it?

To view your bank account online, simply click on the « Access your customer area » button, available at the top right of the home page. Then enter your subscriber number using your numeric keypad. Then, the bank will ask you to enter your password to identify yourself.

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