How to obtain your vital card certificate?

Need a vital card certificate? The vital card certificate, also called certificate of social security rights, will be useful to you in the context of reimbursement of health costs. Keep it preciously. If necessary, you are told about the formalities to be completed to obtain your vital card certificate. Follow the steps to receive your rights certificate.

Vital card certificate: how is this document useful?

Your vital card certificate is a document to keep. It is essential to justify your affiliation to the Health Insurance. Some healthcare professionals may ask you for it. CMUC beneficiaries must present the document at each consultation. In the event of hospitalization, you will also be asked for your vital card certificate. The document can also be useful when registering for university or in the context of a new job.

The document is not to be confused with the paper containing the information on your vital card. This copy, transmitted with your card, is not considered as a certificate of rights.

Steps to receive your Social Security rights certificate

Several means are available to you to quickly obtain the paper attesting to your health rights.

  • On line

If you are an employee covered by the general scheme, you can download the certificate from your ameli account. You can create an online account in just a few clicks. Just enter your Social Security number, your date of birth and your postal code. Depending on your fund, the certificate will be delivered to you by post or as a PDF download.

  • On the spot
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Go to the nearest cash desk to your home and apply at the counter. The paper will be delivered to you instantly.

In health insurance organisations, automatic multi-service terminals are also available to you. Generally, you are asked for an access code to identify yourself. This is accessible from your ameli account. If you do not have a code, call 36 46 (open Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.). A code will then be sent to you by mail. In some cash desks, automatic terminals are placed outside and accessible 24 hours a day.

  • By post or email

You also have the option of making your request in writing. Address your simple letter or e-mail to your health insurance organization. Generally, it takes a week.

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The other regimes (farmers, freelancers, students)

If you are covered by another scheme, contact your affiliated organisation.

Agricultural sector worker, create your own space on the Msa website. You will be able to apply for your vital card certificate online. All you have to do is enter your Social Security number and your SIRET number.

Self-employed workers must contact the Social Regime Fund for the Self-Employed. The request is not made online. However, a telephone number is made available to them. This is 3648.

Students should contact their student insurance company to receive their Social Security certificate.

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