Banque Chalus: the writing guide

Does this name vaguely mean something to you? Note that Banque Chalus has been present in Auvergne for more than 200 years. And it also operates in Limousin. In addition, Banque Chalus offers banking services for individuals and professionals. Discover its range of bank cards, its other offers (savings, insurance, loan, etc.) as well as its current pricing. Everything you need to know about the financial institution before opening an account and becoming a client.

Presentation of the Chalus Bank

Banque Chalus only operates in Limousin and Auvergne (since 1797!) through around twenty branches spread across the country. Find all the contact details of the branches on the bank’s website:

On the other hand, Banque Chalus offers offers for individuals and professionals. It also makes its expertise available to private clients to help them manage their assets.

How to open an account at the Chalus bank?

To open an account and become a client of Banque Chalus, you must contact the establishment:

  • by email to the following address:;
  • by telephone, by contacting the branch closest to your home.

An advisor will contact you within 24 hours.

To know : in your email, fill in a certain amount of information such as your first and last name, your account number (if you are already a customer), your telephone number, the desired appointment date (between … and … .), the time slot that suits you best. And if you are not yet a customer, also indicate your postal address so that Banque Chalus can direct you to the branch closest to your home.

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The banking services of this bank

Bank cards

Banque Chalus provides its customers with several bank cards:

  • the Visa card to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for your purchases in France and abroad (more than 220 countries);
  • the Visa Jeunes card for 16-24 year olds. Like the classic Visa card, this means of payment allows you to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for your purchases in France and around the world;
  • the Visa Premier card is an international payment and withdrawal card to which is added a wide range of assistance and insurance (everywhere in the world);
  • the Maestro card to make your withdrawals and payments in complete security;
  • the Maestro Jeunes card is intended for young people to enable them to manage their pocket money independently.

To note : Banque Chalus also offers contactless express payment at no additional cost and ensures the security of your online purchases thanks to the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode solutions.

Services to manage your accounts on a daily basis

To better manage your accounts at Banque Chalus, you can use several services:

  • the Banque Chalus application to consult your accounts remotely;
  • Chalus Bourse online for easy access to your stock market portfolios;
  • Chalus SMS to follow the news of your accounts. You regularly receive a small statement or an alert by SMS;
  • Allo BC to manage your account on a daily basis (without subscription);
  • BC en ligne allows you to consult your accounts via the Internet (7 days a week, 24 hours a day);
  • E-document to find all your bank documents in dematerialized version in one click.
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Other services

Savings products and life insurance

The financial institution has several savings products:

  • sustainable and solidarity development booklet;
  • THE P ;
  • Passbook account (CSL);
  • A booklet ;
  • Youth booklet for 12-25 year olds;
  • Kidoo booklet for children under 12;
  • PEL and CEL;
  • Equity savings plan (PEA);
  • Income term account and classic term deposit with a rate of interest known in advance;
  • 18-month term account;
  • Chalus avenir to optimize your savings;
  • Chalus income to obtain additional income;
  • Swisslife retirement to secure your future and that of your loved ones;
  • Terre d’excellence (life insurance policy with free or scheduled payments).


In terms of insurance, Banque Chalus has classic offers:

  • car insurance ;
  • Home Insurance ;
  • all-mobile insurance for portable electronic devices;
  • legal protection (coverage in many areas of daily life);
  • remote monitoring to protect your home and family;
  • long-term care insurance to anticipate the loss of autonomy;
  • life accident insurance;
  • provident fund to protect your family and preserve your assets;
  • funeral insurance.


Four types of loans are available to customers:

  • the student loan;
  • real estate credit;
  • the “Prêt sur Mesure” personal loan;
  • zero interest loan.

To know : on the institution’s website, you have the option of simulating real estate financing ( PTE=SIMUL_INTERNET&ORI=VITRINE) or professional financing ( These two online tools are free and allow you to have a first idea of ​​the feasibility of your project.

The rates

In the ranking of the 127 least expensive banks in France, Banque Chalus is positioned at 50th square.

Maintaining a standard account costs 12 euros per year compared to 30 euros for an inactive account. With regard to remote banking (Internet subscription), this is a free service. On the other hand, the SMS alert is invoiced at 0.20 cts per unit. And the costs of insurance for loss or theft of means of payment amount to 24 euros per year.

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You can consult all the pricing by going to the Banque Chalus website:

How do I access my online account?

To access your online accounts, click on the gray « Access your accounts » button, located at the top left of the home page. You will then be directed to another web page:

Then type your 11-digit identifier using your numeric keypad, then enter your confidential code using the virtual keypad available to you.

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