How to stop white hair?

White hair, natural markers of age, is however not reserved for seniors. Young men or young women may very well have gray hair. In addition to coloring, what are the remedies to overcome graying hair? Discover all our tips to fight hair whitening. There are natural solutions to stop gray or white hair, we tell you which ones.

Foods to fight white hair

Certain foods are known to fight hair whitening. They also prove to be very valuable in the prevention of white hair.

Vitamin B12 promotes the maintenance of the hair and stops the graying effect. This substance is found in certain fruits and vegetables such as orange, plum, avocado or cranberry.

Cheese and yeast are also provided with vitamin B12.

On the other hand, if you have black colored hair, you can consume foods rich in biotin. Oats, cucumbers and almonds, for example, contain this natural ingredient.

In general, adopting a balanced diet will prevent you from whitening prematurely. Fill up on vitamin B to slow down the aging of the hair fiber. Mushrooms, nuts, bananas, but also eggs or rice contain it. The carotenoid and zinc will also be valuable allies in slowing down the appearance of white hair. Eat fruits and vegetables in moderation.

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coconut oil, a natural remedy for white hair

Control the graying or whitening of your hair with the benefits of coconut oil. Just add some lemon juice to it to make the formula effective.

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Apply the solution to the scalp to prevent the multiplication of gray or white hair. Your hair will also gain shine and be well hydrated.

Avoid harsh shampoos

To care for your hair and delay the appearance of the first signs of aging, avoid all poor quality hair products. Some shampoos contain a lot of chemicals such as sulphates, chlorine or ammonia. All these products dry out the hair and weaken it, which leads to the appearance of gray hair.

Always favor natural hygiene products. The baking soda shampoo, for example, has many virtues on the hair.

Dye your hair with henna

Henna offers a natural solution to dye your hair and hide white hair. Henna does not contain any chemicals. Therefore, it will not attack your scalp. On the contrary, the product will bring shine and elasticity to your hair.

Be aware, however, that the use of henna requires some precautions. Indeed, the product is in the form of a block to be dissolved. It can also take on the appearance of a powder to be mixed with another solution such as lemon juice, tea or coffee. Its texture, unattractive, must be applied to your hair for several hours for the color to be fixed.

Finally, henna coloring lasts over time and should not be combined with another hair treatment. Do not attempt chemical coloring after the henna application, otherwise there will be a bad interaction.

If in doubt, entrust your hair to a specialist in a hair salon instead.

White hair, the sign of a disease

Premature hair bleaching should alert you. Before trying to camouflage them, check that it is not a health problem.

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Indeed, some health disorders can cause hair whitening. Vitiligo, which is characterized by dysfunction of the thyroid, as well as anemia, can lead to the appearance of white hair.

A problem with the pituitary gland can also explain sudden whitening of the hair.

Consult your doctor to rule out any risk of pathology.

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