10 good reasons to learn French in Brest, Brittany

Here is our list of the top ten reasons to learn French in Brest!

1. Excellent value for money

The French courses offered in Brest offer students excellent value for money. Brest is one of the cheapest French study destinations we offer at Cactus – students are guaranteed the same quality of education and accommodation as in other cities, but at a more affordable price .

2. Delicious local food and drink.

As you might expect, Brest’s location on the coast means there is plenty of seafood and the locals know very well how to cook it. Other Breton specialties: pancakes and galettes (buckwheat pancakes), and of course, good quality cider…..

Brest has hundreds of restaurants and cafes where you can taste local and international cuisine at its best.

3. Good nightlife

As a university town, Brest has thousands of students to host, and in that respect it will not disappoint. Whether it’s bars, clubs, cafes, theater or cinema, there will be options for you.

4. Interesting story

Located on the westernmost point of France, Brest has always been a militarily important city. The advantages of Brest’s location were first recognized in the Middle Ages, when Cardinal Richelieu designated it as a military port, and it soon became the base of the French Navy. The city grew steadily over the centuries, and during World War I Brest served as a landing point for many American troops. During World War II the Germans had a large submarine base in Brest and in fact the city was completely destroyed during the Battle of Brest in 1944 after the Allied invasion of Normandy.

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While the war destroyed much of the city’s original buildings and areas, Brest nevertheless maintained its naval prowess and is now home to one of the main training centers for the French Navy.

Visitors to Brest can visit the Musée de la Mer, which houses fascinating information about the history of Breton seafaring and the region’s proud naval history.

5. A good variety of accommodation options

Students learning French in Brest can choose from several accommodation options, ensuring that all tastes and requirements are catered for. Options include renting a private apartment, staying in a student residence or staying with a host family. While renting an apartment guarantees independence and a calm living and studying environment, staying in a residence or with a host family allows you to meet French people from the region and practice your French as much as possible. out of school.

6. A beautiful learning environment

The Brest school is located in a magnificent 19th century mansion, and is surrounded by two hectares of attractive grounds. The school specializes in teaching French to foreigners and works alongside prestigious organizations in Brest, including the university, and has a spacious library, a video library, a reading room and a multimedia center.

The school is actually just outside Brest, but there is a very good bus connection between the city and the school and it is very easy to get there.

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7. Great beaches nearby image

One of Brittany’s best-known attributes is its rugged coastline and sandy beaches. There are plenty of choices near Brest, whether you want to sunbathe, swim, snorkel, surf, rock-pool or simply take in the beautiful scenery.

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8. Good transport links

Brest has excellent transport links to the rest of France and Europe. The station is connected to Paris by TGV (the journey takes around 4.5 hours) and has many regional services. Brest International Airport offers services to a good range of domestic and international cities including Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, London, Birmingham, Southampton and Dublin and is served by Air France, Easyjet, Flybe, Jetairfly, Chalair and Ryanair.

9. Many activities offered

The Brest school offers a variety of good activities that students can take part in after French lessons. Activities on offer include coastal walks, sailing, food and wine workshops, and evenings in authentic Breton cafés and Irish pubs.

10. A good diversity of student nationalities

The Brest school attracts students from different countries, mainly in Europe. There is always a good mix of student nationalities, which means that students must speak French both during lessons and during social activities in the evenings and at weekends. This allows students to have as many opportunities as possible to practice what they have learned and ultimately get the most out of their time in French.

Currently, Cactus offers general, individual and combined French courses in Brest, at different levels. For a full list of courses and to book, please visit the Cactus Language website.

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