How to have white teeth naturally?

Various everyday foods contribute to the yellowing, blackening and destruction of teeth. Indeed, to keep them white and healthy, teeth require serious maintenance. To do this, you do not have to go to a dentist to benefit from professional whitening. Healthy and natural methods, without breaking the bank, are within everyone’s reach. This is what we are going to present to you and detail in this section.

The use of lemon

Lemon helps to have and keep white teeth. The citric acid inside this fruit is the source of this benefit. This compound has an antitartar property thus avoiding the thickening of the dental plaque, which is the beginning of the yellowing of a tooth. Tartar makes teeth more susceptible to cavities. It is also one of the sources of bad breath.

To whiten teeth with lemon, just take the juice of it and gently brush your teeth with it. Finally, you rinse thoroughly so that you no longer feel the taste of the fruit. This operation should be repeated once a week. Lacking its aggressive acid character, frequent exposure to lemon can damage the enamel. This attention must also be accompanied by the avoidance of acidic foods such as coffee or soda.

The use of natural coal

Available in powder form, natural charcoal is the product of the carbonization of various plant species. This compound is classified as a natural medicine and finds its use in curing different diseases. Due to their abrasive nature, activated charcoal powders can help achieve whiter teeth.

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To do this, you have the choice between two methods. The first is to add a little of this powder directly to the toothpaste when brushing. The second involves the use of a damp cotton swab dipped in a cup of vegetable charcoal. Then simply apply and rub the cotton swab on the stained teeth.

Natural charcoal powder has the reputation of being very effective with immediate results like the use of professional appliances such as dental jets. Therefore, it should not be used frequently at the risk of damaging the email. It is better to use natural coal only when yellowishness appears.

The use of baking soda

Baking soda is an inexpensive, non-aggressive natural substance. Its reputation for guaranteeing dental health and hygiene has been discovered for years. It is above all a natural descaler. Plus, it’s easy to use. Just sprinkle on your toothbrush and apply like any other toothpaste.

You know the harmful effects of tartar. This is why some individuals combine baking soda with a little lemon juice. The descaling effect is thus amplified and the mixture promotes the shine of dental plaque.

It should also be noted that baking soda favors an abrasive power, which also explains its effectiveness in whitening teeth. Its use is then to be controlled, once a week is more than enough. The results are felt after one or two months.

Strawberry application

The strawberry, due to its high concentration of vitamin C, has excellent descaling properties. This fruit has the advantage of being less aggressive than lemon or baking soda. To have white teeth with the strawberry, the technique consists in making a dental mask.

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To do this, you take strawberries and mash them in a bowl until you get a pasty mixture. Get a new toothbrush for applying the mask to the teeth. Count about three minutes to let the mixture work. Finish with a regular rinse and brush. This operation should not be repeated every day. Improper application leads to deterioration of the outer layer of the tooth.

The destruction of the email is irretrievable. This is why care must be taken when applying a teeth whitening solution. Not every stain that’s ruining your smile will go away in a day or a week. Adopting any of these four methods requires patience. In addition, the bad habits that cause spots are to be avoided.

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