Incontinence: 5 practical tips for everyday life

Urinary incontinence is a dysfunction of the body that affects both men and women. Embarrassing, it disrupts daily life and can negatively impact relationships with others. However, with urine absorbent layers, the correct moisturizing and dietary regimen, and some physical exercise, you can keep your incontinence under control.

Buy adult diapers online: a simple solution to control your incontinence

Designed for both men and women, adult diapers are sanitary napkins used to hold leaking urine. Incontinence protection tool, an adult diaper can be used day or night. Its main assets are discretion and comfort. They give the adult diaper the quality of a high-performance product against odors and without irritation. With the help of adult diapers against incontinence, you are sure to carry out your daily activities with peace of mind.

Manufacturers are now incorporating superior technologies into adult diapers designed to ensure complete protection for the user. These enable incontinence diapers to support different types of incontinence:

  • mixed incontinence,
  • stress incontinence,
  • overactive bladder.

The current trend for the acquisition of incontinence pads is to buy adult diapers online on specialized sites. Precise information is provided in relation to each type of diaper (panties, briefs or complete change) in order to facilitate your choice. With the option of buying online, you can easily select the appropriate diaper from the different models offered.

To choose the right diaper, you must above all take into account your size, your degree of mobility and your autonomy. Regarding the size, the brands use the words S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL to indicate the different measurements. There are other diaper formats that are particularly designed for people with reduced mobility. The latter must rather consider their waist size in order to find the suitable diaper.

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Choosing the perfect layer also requires consideration of your runoff rate. Whether your urine leaks are light, moderate, hard or very severe, the diaper to choose will not be the same. By way of illustration, an ultra-absorbent adult diaper is reserved for severe incontinence while an absorbent brief will be able to support moderate incontinence. The marks indicate the absorbency degrees of the diapers according to their suitability. However, most of them use a visual method consisting of a simple mark of water drops. The greater the number of drops, the higher the level of urine absorption.

Mobility and autonomy also determine the choice of your diaper. If your mobility is normal and you go to the bathroom without any problems, panties and briefs will bring you total comfort. For a dependent person or one whose mobility is reduced, anatomical protections, complete diapers or pants are more suitable. Note that the pant is an absorbent and changeable underwear. As for the complete diaper, it has a strong absorption capacity. It can be worn for long hours day and night. In addition, a sign of humidity is integrated to indicate to the wearer when to renew the change.

Incontinence: opt for balanced hydration

People with urinary incontinence mistakenly believe that reducing their water or drink intake reduces flow. However, there is nothing. Admittedly, drinking a very high quantity of water directly leads to discharge, but drastically reducing the quantity of water leads to similar results. It can also be the source of bladder difficulties.

It is important to know that not drinking enough water makes the urine concentrate, which directly contributes to irritating the bladder. An irritated bladder is endless urinary emergencies. On the contrary, good hydration helps to dilute urine to decrease bladder irritability. A balance must therefore be established in the consumption of water and drinks. To do this, it is advisable to spread the water intake, for example, over a whole day. At least two hours before going to bed, you must nevertheless refuse to drink water or a drink. This method will prevent you from waking up at night to urinate.

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Adopt a reasonable food consumption pattern

A regularized diet is an indispensable element in the fight against incontinence. Foods and drinks such as sodas, tomatoes, chocolate… cause urinary incontinence. Reducing the consumption of these foods is enough to change the situation. At the same time, it is necessary favor a diet rich in fiber. It offers the possibility of escaping the constipation which often leads to irritability of the bladder. Foods that should take precedence are:

  • beans,
  • prune juice,
  • acid-free foods (banana, apple, etc.),
  • whole grains,
  • oat flakes…

The alcohol and caffeine reduction is a necessary action in case of urge incontinence due to an overactive bladder. In fact, alcohol and caffeine are diuretics (increases in urine) capable of overexciting the bladder. When you regulate the intake of these drinks, you avoid being surprised by leakage of urine.

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Exercises to keep your pelvic floor in shape

After his discoveries on the pelvic floor, the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel set up practical exercises for men and women. The pelvic floor is a set of muscles located in the male or female genitalia. It extends from the front of the pubis to the back over the coccyx. It is used to constrict the orifices of the urethra and anus to contain urine, gas and stool.

Performing pelvic floor exercises requires lying down, lying on your back, or kneeling. At the time of expiration, you must strongly contract the pelvic muscles in order to stop urination for at least 5 seconds. During this time, breathe normally then release for a 10 second pause from one contraction to the next. This action is to be repeated in several sequences each day.

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Pelvic floor exercises can be done anywhere (home, office…). Thanks to these daily movements, your pelvic muscles will be further strengthened. This will prevent urinary leakage and any feeling of urgency associated with overactive bladder.

Avoid smoking to control urinary incontinence

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you must banish the bad habit of smoking very early. Incontinence studies have shown that smokers are prone to urinary incontinence. A person who smokes damages their brain and blood vessels, causing the tissues of their body to weaken. Smoking also causes coughing, which can cause urine to leak in people with stress incontinence. Finally, smoking triggers bladder cancer.

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