Is cannabis an aphrodisiac?

In everyday life, everyone’s sexuality is put to the test by stress, overwork and fatigue, not to mention routine and the wear and tear of the flame of passion in couples whose intimate ties are suffering. .

Unfortunately love is not always enough to find the way to pleasure and many are those whose sexual activity has become very poor or almost absent despite the strength of their feelings.

Cannabis is a very old traditional remedy renowned for its aphrodisiac virtues and for its influence on the quality of sexual relations, also, CBD, which is one of its non-psychoactive natural compounds, is presented as the solution of legal choice and without side effects to find together with pleasure the path of sexuality.

Administered in various forms, this natural and powerful aphrodisiac is endowed with aphrodisiac properties but also makes it possible to create the best context for an intense and fulfilled sexual life where desires and pleasure are present.

We will see that cannabis has been used for a very long time by various civilizations to improve sexuality before we look at the interest of using CBD products, some interesting varieties of which will be presented to us.

Cannabis: a proven natural aphrodisiac

To improve their sexuality, the civilizations of ancient Egypt, the tribes of Africa as well as Indian and Ayurvedic medicine with their tantric practices already used cannabis to which they rightly attributed aphrodisiac powers. Indeed, far from being a myth or a fabrication, there are many powers of cannabis, used for:

  • Boost libido.
  • Fight against male impotence.
  • Promote expressiveness and fight inhibition.
    Promote lubrication.
    Increase sexual desire and pleasure.
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If cannabis is so effective in the field of sexuality, it is because the molecules of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and anandamide release in the brain the hormones of happiness (endorphins) associated with testosterone and cause a sensation pleasant tranquility and well-being conducive to sexual fulfillment.

However, to fully benefit from the aphrodisiac effects of cannabis, it must be administered in low doses, otherwise the opposite effect to that expected will be obtained. For example, smoking a lot of cannabis on a daily basis, far from being beneficial for your libido, will rather tend to reduce it drastically.

Moreover, if THC, a psychoactive compound causes an instant increase in testosterone, a hormone favorable to sexual desire, it also causes a drop just afterwards, which is hardly aphrodisiac.

CBD: this cannabinoid ally of sexual happiness

Cannabis has proven itself for several centuries as an aphrodisiac and it seems that cannabidiol or CBD has all the properties necessary to contribute to the development of the libido while providing the body with relaxation and well-being capable of creating the most favorable context for harmonious and intense sexual exchanges.

Indeed, there are many positive opinions from people in favor of CBD as an effective aphrodisiac that « would improve sexual life, facilitate orgasm and make it more intense and frequent and make each partner in the sexual relationship open and receptive to the other, which is confirmed by the careful study of the properties of CBD as an aphrodisiac.

The anti-stress and anxiolytic action of CBD

CBD naturally activates serotonin receptors in the brain, a mood-enhancing neuroreceptor that inhibits anxiety and stress. Thanks to the influence of CBD the body and mind are liberated by their own natural antidepressants stimulated by CBD.

CBD optimizes positive thinking and the quality of exchanges

CBD helps to promote clear and positive thinking devoid of any apprehension in order to create the conditions for a harmonious exchange based on mutual understanding. This positive context makes it possible to create an accomplice climate, favorable to intimacy which is activated by the system of sexual excitation, one of the regulators of desire.

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CBD exerts a stimulating action on the erection

The action of CBD also concerns male sexual breakdowns caused by faulty blood circulation as well as the accumulation of dioxin in the body. CBD helping to eliminate this toxin, allows men to regain their normal erectile functioning and thus regain self-confidence, which is fundamental for fulfilling sexual relations.

The pain relieving role of CBD

For women who experience painful sexual intercourse, CBD balm offers better comfort by improving blood circulation and lubrication and reduces inflammatory pain by increasing serotonin, which also promotes relaxation and positive energy.

CBD: a libido booster

In medicine, it is increasingly common for CBD to be recommended for pain relief. On the one hand, it can help against chronic migraines, and on the other hand, it can even relieve dyspareunia (pain during intercourse). According to various studies, about 40% of women suffer from it. By consuming CBD oil, our muscles relax and the blood can circulate better – therefore the libido increases. And the more pleasure there is, the less pain there is during sex.

Less stress, more pleasure

When we’re feeling stressed, sex is probably the last thing we want. Various studies have shown that the stress hormone cortisol is largely responsible for the loss of libido. So that the desire is always present, the consumption of CBD has proven itself. By reducing cortisol, it simultaneously activates the PNS (peripheral nervous system). Result: we feel more at ease and we develop desire more quickly. By consuming cbd oils from the cbd farm you will be more relaxed and you will boost your libido.

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Better blood circulation

Taking CBD helps us calm down and forget about everyday worries. Then, in a second step, the CBD stimulates blood circulation in our tissues and sharpens the sensitivity of our nerves. And then ? Well, guess what? We are getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Which CBD cannabis strain to choose?

There are several varieties of cannabis recommended for their high CBD content and recommended for enhancing your sexuality and regaining desire.

Royal Highness

This hybrid of two different strains of CBD cannabis is known to deliver positive energy without jittery side effects.


This very popular CBD strain with a delicious pineapple flavor induces focus, calm and relaxation.


It is a balanced cross with a low THC level which allows you to induce well-being and a zen attitude.

Yes ! Cannabis is really an effective and powerful aphrodisiac with the function of increasing sexual pleasure and desire, but it is not only that.
It is also able to prepare the ground for passionate sexual relations by improving harmonious communication in the couple and by inhibiting stress and apprehension.

CBD at low doses, in the form of an oil to be absorbed sublingually, to be massaged on the skin, to be vaped or to be inserted into culinary preparations, will completely fulfill its role as an anti-stress and soothing aphrodisiac without lead to undesirable psychoactive effects and in all legality.

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