Natural cough suppressant, 12 remedies to calm coughs

Although frequent and often banal, the symptom of cough can quickly turn into discomfort. So how do you get rid of it naturally? There are home remedies to get rid of a wet or dry cough. Discover all the natural cough suppressants to soothe coughing fits. Honey, infusion, homemade syrup… It’s up to you to select the treatment that suits you.

Homemade syrup recipe

It is possible to concoct yourself an all-natural homemade syrup, which is as effective as a real medicine.

The simplest recipe is to mix lemon juice, honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Herbal tea with thyme

Medicinal herbal teas made from thyme are particularly effective in combating coughing fits and sore throats.

Infuse ½ teaspoon of thyme in a cup of hot water for ten minutes. Then add a little honey to chase away the bitterness. Drink it without moderation.

Essential oils

In order to calm the cough, use essential oil inhalations. You can opt for essential oils of thyme, chamomile or eucalyptus.

A mustard-based rub

To clear the airways, nothing like mustard to replace Vicks. Simply mix mustard powder with flour and cold water. The goal is to get a paste. Then spread it on a towel folded in half and place it against your chest.

Be careful, never apply the product obtained directly on your skin.

Honey or lemon candies

In case of a dry cough, suck on a lozenge or a candy with honey or lemon to relieve yourself. The production of saliva will prevent coughing fits.

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Drink water

Proper hydration helps get rid of coughs. Indeed, the water liquefies and thins the mucus.

On the other hand, to disinfect your throat, you can also mix water and salt to gargle.


Among grandmother’s cough remedies, there is also cinnamon tea. Boil cinnamon sticks in water or lemon juice.

Onion tea

The onion has several properties. Composed of irritants, it triggers the cough and therefore brings up the mucus.

Boil onion in a pot of water, then drink as an infusion.

White broth tea

This medicinal plant calms dry coughs. Count a handful of dried flowers for a liter of simmering water. Drink three cups a day of the drink, preferably on an empty stomach and between meals.

Please note, this natural remedy is not recommended for young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Vinegar Gargle

Nothing more effective to relieve an irritated throat. In a saucepan, pour ½ cup of water and 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar. Add a pinch of salt to the mixture. Then heat over medium heat and let cool.

This preparation is used as a gargle several times a day.

Star anise or star anise

Star anise, also called star anise, is a very effective natural cough suppressant for dry coughs.

Simply add 4 star anise to a cup of hot water. Leave to infuse for about ten minutes, then filter. Add a teaspoon of thyme. And drink hot.

A humidifier

To calm dry coughing spells that occur at night and prevent you from sleeping, use a humidifier in your bedroom.

If you don’t have one, place a basin of boiling water in your sleeping area, and add a few drops of organic eucalyptus essential oil to your room.

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Note: if the cough persists beyond 7 days of treatment, consult your general practitioner to determine its origin and treat the disease of which it is the symptom.

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