Natural treatments for lipedema

Yet widespread among women (one in ten women), lipoedema remains poorly understood by the general public, but also by the medical profession. Also called “post legs” disease, this pathology is generally diagnosed late. This is all the more serious as the symptoms of the condition represent a daily handicap. And they can also be at the origin of real physical complexes. So how do you recognize the signs of lipedema and get rid of it? Discover all the natural solutions to overcome this debilitating disease before considering surgery. Focus on natural treatments for lipoedema.

Lipedema: What is that ?

Lipoedema is a chronic disease that manifests itself by the progressive accumulation of fatty tissue on the lower limbs of the body, from the hips to the ankles. More rarely, this disease affects the arms.

Lipoedema causes excess weight and is accompanied by swelling or edema, hence its name. And the pathology also causes pressure pain.

Note that lipoedema is still poorly understood in France. On the other hand, the condition has been the subject of work in Germany, the country from which it originates. The figures reveal that 10% of patients with venous diseases are affected by lipoedema.

The causes

The causes of lipoedema are multiple:

  • first, there may be a hormonal origin. Indeed, the disease affects men only in rare cases. And most often, the condition appears at the time of puberty or during pregnancy, or even during menopause;
  • a genetic origin. Often, members of the same family are affected by lipoedema;
  • water retention.

On the other hand, no link has been established between lipoedema and overweight (food excess, obesity, etc.). Cases have also been observed in very thin patients. However, note that being overweight can aggravate the course of the pathology.

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You should also know that the medical profession distinguishes three stages of lipoedema, which would tend to worsen over time. It is a progressive disease with:

  • stage 1: the tissue under the skin is both thickened and supple, characterized by the presence of small nodules. As for the skin, it turns out to be smooth;
  • stage 2: the subcutaneous tissue is still thickened and supple. On the other hand, the nodules have grown in size and are now large in size. The skin becomes irregular;
  • stage 3: the tissue under the skin appears indurated (thick and hard). We also note the presence of large nodules and shreds of soft fat with deformation of the internal surfaces of the knees and thighs.


Lipoedema is easily identified because it is characterized by an accumulation of fat located on one or more parts of the lower body (hips, thighs, calves). And more rarely, the disease also affects the arms.

Regardless of the area of ​​the body affected, lipoedema affects the limbs on both sides symmetrically. On the other hand, there are a number of symptoms:

  • swelling of the part of the body and pain on pressure or even touch;
  • appearance of abnormal lumps on the surface of the skin. Generally, these nodules become more and more voluminous with time;
  • appearance of varicose veins due to loosening of the connective tissue;
  • hematomas;
  • difficulty moving in the most severe cases.

Complications can also occur:

  • appearance of lipo-lymphedema. It is a lymph flow disorder. The lymph no longer flows sufficiently and then accumulates in the tissue;
  • orthopedic sequelae. Mobility and gait disturbances may also occur in patients with lipoedema. This is partly explained by bad postures at the level of the ankles, knees and hips;
  • deterioration of the venous system. In case of diagnosis of lipoedema, your doctor will prescribe a phlebological examination of the venous system. This prevents the appearance of varicose veins and the deterioration of the deep venous system.
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To know : this disease should not be confused with lipohypertrophy. This condition is manifested by an asymmetrical fat accumulation in the lower limbs. This pathology occurs during puberty. Unlike lipoedema, it is not accompanied by swelling or pain. Finally, lipoedema should not be confused with lymphedema, which is defined by a mass of lymph. Asymmetrical, it reaches the feet, unlike lipoedema which stops at the ankles. This pathology is also painless on pressure.

Natural treatments for lipoedema

First note that most natural remedies and treatments address the signs and not the causes of the pathology. Therefore, these various non-drug methods do not offer a cure. On the other hand, they reduce the manifestations of lipoedema and improve the comfort of life of patients who suffer from it.

Spa treatments

Even if the results of this method remain mixed, crenotherapy or cure by thermal waters bring psychological benefits.

Lymphatic drainage

This massage technique promotes lymph circulation. Manual lymphatic drainage is especially effective in case of associated lymphedema.


This method involves putting on air-filled fabric shoes. These then cover the entire leg. These pressotherapy boots exert strong pressure on the legs at regular intervals. This promotes blood circulation and drainage. The liquids present in the tissues are evacuated.

Support and compression stockings

Compression stockings relieve symptoms. Wearing compression stockings is also recommended to improve the comfort of life for patients with lipoedema.

The practice of a sport

Exercising a regular sports activity, and in particular swimming, contributes to improving the appearance of the skin. The practice of a sport must be accompanied by a good diet (not too rich) for better results. And note that being overweight will aggravate lipoedema.

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radio frequency

Before considering liposuction, you can use radiofrequency. Fats can be destroyed by radio frequency, laser, infrared or ultrasound.

Slimming creams

Certain treatments to combat the unsightly effects of orange peel skin can be considered in the case of lipoedema. Slimming creams can help reduce fatty tissue (more than one centimeter).

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