Natural Treatments for Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s disease, also called Morton’s syndrome or neuroma, is an inflammation that affects the nerve located between the 3th and 4th toe. This sometimes causes severe pain. Often linked to wearing shoes that are too narrow, Morton’s neuroma can be treated naturally. Discover all our advice to overcome this disease without using cortisone injections. Focus on natural solutions and remedies to fight against Morton’s syndrome!

Morton’s neuroma: What is that ?

Morton’s neuroma, also called Morton’s syndrome, is a compression of a sensory nerve located in the foot (metatarsal canal). This is usually between the 3th and the 4th toe. The nerve is then stuck in a space that is too narrow for it, so irritation results. The nerve thickens until a neuroma (bulge) appears.

Most often, it is women around the age of 50 who are affected by this disease. Although infrequent, this pathology is very inconvenient. Fortunately, the diagnosis is easy to establish, and it is simple to overcome.

The causes

The onset of pain related to morton’s neuroma is usually caused by walking or prolonged standing. This is all the more observed when the shoes are tight because it jams the nerve, which increases the intensity of the symptoms. To reduce or eliminate the pain, it is better to take off your shoes and lie down for a few moments.

Note that a foot anomaly (flat foot, bunions, etc.) could also explain the occurrence of Morton’s syndrome.


This compression of the nerve is manifested by the occurrence of violent pain in the toes (below and between). These pains are similar to electric shocks, which sometimes go up to the ankle.

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The intensity of the pain can be such that it appears in acute attack, obliging the person to remove his shoes and to massage the foot.

Other signs should also alert:

  • pain under the foot while walking;
  • feeling of having a pebble in your shoe;
  • numbness of the toes;
  • inflammation of the foot.

Natural treatments for a morton’s neuroma

The choice of shoes

To relieve the pain and avoid aggravating the compression of the nerve, it is advisable to adopt wide and flexible shoes. Absolutely avoid closed, narrow and tight shoes. And it is better to ban high heels as well. Always choose shoes that fit the size and shape of your foot.

Activities to avoid

If you suffer from a syndrome of morton, proscribe the walks too long as well as the trampling. In the same way, it is advisable to reduce sports that put a lot of strain on the feet (running, dancing, etc.).


To relieve pain, apply ice to the affected area.

orthopedic insoles

To soothe the pain, you can also have custom-made orthopedic insoles made by a podiatrist. Some podiatrists will also advise you to use a silicone toe separator. In some cases, this natural remedy gives excellent results.

Failing this, you can also make a small « wedge » of about 3mm yourself. Place a small square of folded paper under a pad in the sock.

Clay poultice

Perform clay poultices and bandage your foot overnight for two weeks.

Arnica jelly

Arnica cream is effective in soothing pain associated with Morton’s neuroma. Simply place a dab of gel under the affected area. Then, wrap the foot in cling film. Keep your foot like this for the whole night so that the gel penetrates the skin well.

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Wearing an orthosis

This device can help relieve irritation by lifting and separating the bones. This reduces the pressure on the nerve. Know that there are different types of orthotics depending on the curvature of the foot and the position of the toes.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil (mentha piperita) is known for its analgesic properties. Simply apply the essential oil locally by diluting it.

You also have the option of using ointments that contain it.

Foot baths

In case of Morton’s syndrome, it is advisable to resort to foot baths. Make it with gray sea salt, essential oils (Juniper, Wintergreen, Cypress, Camphor Rosemary) mixed with an emulsifier. You can also use a ready-to-use HE mixture.

Foot baths are recommended for at least ten days.

Devil’s claw

Internally, make a secondary root cure of harpagophytum. This plant is more commonly called devil’s claw.

And for optimal results, combine the harpagophytum with dandelion, horsetail or meadowsweet. Then make a cure of 6 to 8 weeks. And don’t forget to stay hydrated between meals.


We no longer present this natural remedy. Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Use it to quickly relieve pain, in a dosed extract. And for even more results, combine it with pepper.

Physiotherapy and acupuncture sessions

Rather than having foot surgery, you can resort to natural treatments. Physiotherapy sessions are recommended in rehabilitation. The professional will have you do muscle strengthening exercises with the aim of freeing the claws of the foot as well as the forefoot. And you can also do acupuncture sessions.

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plantar reflexology

Morton’s neuroma can be a yang, ie inflammatory, imbalance. Plantar reflexology therapy can then relieve your pain. However, to be effective, the sessions must be close together.

The reflexologist will then take care of gradually relaxing the affected area based on the principles of Chinese energy.

Strengthen your feet with exercises

Strengthening your feet could help you resist nerve compression. To strengthen your feet, exercise regularly. On the internet, you will find videos to inspire you.

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