Preventing and treating a hallux valgus

Statistics indicate that more than 30% of the French population is affected by a hallux valgus. Developing in a discreet way, this foot disorder can lead to consequences such as deformity of the toes or difficulty in walking. Surgery is the only way to remove a hallux valgus. However, it is possible to prevent and treat this pathology. Deserving the attention of the general public, this subject must be addressed.

hallux valgus, what’s this ?

Etymologically, « hallux » means « big toe » and « valgus » means « outwards ». The hallux valgus is then defined as the lateral deviation of the big toe in the direction of the second toe causing the deformation of the forefoot. It then appears a bump on the outside of the foot, hence the name « onion ». It is then an anomaly whose causes can be various such as high-heeled shoes, non-orthopaedic or damaged shoes, or obesity problems.

This is why this pathology concerns more women than men. Footwear problems and chronic pain are major impacts, and can affect all ages. The dislocation of the joint between the metatarsal head and the base of the first phalanx is the cause of the pain.

What symptoms occur?

The symptoms are easy to recognize, namely a visible deformation of the big toe or the nail, pain in the area concerned or redness. Unsightliness is another effect to consider. The external face of the hallux will undergo an exostosis or bony growth. Wearing shoes will become more and more painful if the anomaly is not treated.

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In older women, the loosening of fibrous structures is increasingly felt. Which has as its main impact, the enlargement of the foot. People suffering from rheumatism are also more vulnerable to pathologies such as hallux valgus. Depending on the angle of deviation between the two toes: less than 20°, between 20 and 40° or more than 40°, the anomaly is qualified as mild, moderate or severe. Radiotherapy will be able to tell you this state.

What solutions for prevention?

Hallux valgus can be hereditary. Prevention does not exist then for this case. On the other hand, anyone can naturally prevent the onion of the foot. To do this, you can take initiatives with knowledge of the causes mentioned above.

The simplest prevention is the wearing of quality shoes adapted to your feet. Shoes, boots and sneakers to prevent lateral deformation of the big toe exist on the market. To complete this first recommendation, you should also not wait too long before buying new pairs.

Sports practice is also a means of prevention. For this, it is necessary to take regular walks, jog and run with suitable shoes in shape and weight. This second step will also help control your weight.

Massages on the feet will help to eliminate pain and eliminate fatigue. This solution is not reserved only for sore feet, but for all subjects who doubt the state of health of their podot bones.

How to proceed for the treatment?

Victims are encouraged for treatment as the consequences of surgery can be disastrous. Indeed, exhausted from enduring the pain and strain, a large number of individuals opt for such an operation. However, simple procedures such as proper footwear and musculo-orthopedic exercises can limit the development of a hallux valgus, relieve and eliminate the pain. You can find gestures for self-treatment on this site.

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However, wearing a prosthesis and/or specialized medical shoes makes it possible to orthopedically straighten the bones. There are also treatments such as podiatry, massage therapy or osteopathy. These treatments are based on the massage and the cracking of the bones in order to put them back in place. The treatment will be chosen according to the level of the hallux valgus. Surgery is to be considered as the last resort in a severe case where the pain persists.

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