Steroid, Dianabol, …: evolution of doping over the last 5 years

Doping has been part of the human universe since the dawn of time. It evolves according to needs: beauty, strength, sport. There are prohibited doping agents and those which are tolerated or even accepted in certain sporting disciplines. To sculpt the body, it is almost indispensable.

What is doping?

For thousands of years, on every continent, people have used plants growing in their respective territories to become stronger. The coca leaf in America, the kola nut in Africa, ginseng for the Chinese or sage leaf for the Romans.

If at the start, doping consisted in acquiring more virility, strength, a big voice, hairiness, imposing muscles, it was to be respected, to become a chief, the male of the tribe. In our time, doping is used to increase athletic performance or help sculpt one’s body.

With the frantic pace of competitions and the performance expected of athletes, the body could not keep up without the help of doping products. They strengthen the musculature by inflating it but above all by providing it with up to 20% additional power. The athlete can therefore be more resistant over the length, and effective in the moment (Cycling and weightlifting for example).

There are health risks, and small inconveniences for men. Indeed doping products, based on anabolic steroids, can atrophy the testicles. This problem is not irreversible, everything goes back to normal some time after stopping the steroids. Gynecomastia can be observed, in other words, the breasts can grow. The liver, kidneys as well as fertility and mood can be affected by taking the product.

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Doping : for who ?

Doping should only be used by adults. Some products are exclusively for men like Dianabol.

It is used by athletes to benefit from faster recovery, well-defined muscles, increased strength. But these doping substances, whatever they are, are prohibited during competitions. If a urine test is performed and even just a few traces of these products are found, the athlete may be disqualified. But the doping agents take time to be evacuated from the body after they have been stopped, which is why most athletes who have undergone this examination are found to be positive.

The indoor athlete or the person wishing to build muscle can, on the other hand, use these products quite legally as long as they do not compete. The advantage in terms of body restructuring is that the effect is really very fast. Taking the product added to a protein diet and sports with the help of a trainer to target the muscles to be worked, gives incredible results.

What are the main doping products?

If Dianabol also known under the names of Danabol, Dbol or Methandienone leads all products with huge sales, it is closely followed by nandrolone, testosterone, winstrol and boldenone. They don’t act the same way.

There are safe and legal alternatives to Dianabol as specified by the site Indeed by buying this synthesized male sex hormone, you can obtain the same performance as with anabolic steroids without having the disadvantages and completely legally.

The idea of ​​Dr. Charles-Edouard Brown-Séquard, a French neurologist and physiologist was to take the male sex hormone directly from the source with the testicular blood and then inject it into the upper body. It is obvious that he did not experiment it on himself but on sheep. He found that the latter became more vigorous, stronger, their muscle mass developed. It was Ernst Laqueur, in 1935, who found how to isolate the hormone.

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It can be found in different forms: intramuscular injections, implants, mouth patches, gel patches to put on the skin, or in capsules to swallow.

The evolution of doping over the last 5 years

The evolution of doping is proportional to anti-doping research among top athletes. If at one time, doping substances were accepted and even encouraged, they were banned as long as the athletes put their lives in danger. Always further, always higher, always stronger, was not only the superb slogan of Coubertin but also that of the researchers of doping products. EPO, herithropoietin was one of the first substances injected into sportsmen, cyclists and athletes in particular. They had much better recovery strength and endurance than any other athlete. But it was easy to detect in urine. This is not the end of EPO, it is changing.

The game of cat and mouse is to manufacture products based on undetectable hormones on one side, while on the other we strive to find them in the blood or urine. It would seem that 3 new categories of EPO, including one in gene therapy, are already on the market, they are almost undetectable. Doping still has a bright future ahead of it.

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