What are the new beauty care trends to do at home?

It must be recognized that today, the beauty, appearance and care of the body, are at the center of our lives. For reasons specific to each and everyone, we are always looking for new trends simple and effective to do at home to look slimmer, younger, plumper or have ever more beautiful skin.

There are many novelties in the world of aesthetic medicine. Researchers, doctors and many other people are constantly working to find trendy methods that are always effective and accessible to everyone.

Among this incalculable number of novelties, there are three new beauty trends that can be practiced at home; the Hyaluron Pen, the Colombian Facelift, and the Wellbox !

The Hyaluron Pen, beautiful lips without needles

Who has never dreamed of having luscious, well-defined lips? Who hasn’t wanted at least once to get rid of that wrinkle that can mar their beautiful face? When you take care of your appearance, these questions and little hassles can quickly arise.

But today, needles are no longer needed for this care, with the Hyaluron Pen !

The Hyaluron Pen, how it works ?

The Hyaluron Pen has been around for several decades, but was previously used for insulin insertion with diabetics. Today, we use the Hyaluron Pen to inject hyaluronic acid into the lips, face, or even the neck.

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This new trend is revolutionary because the Hyaluron Pen makes it possible to fill in the sags of the face, to inflate the lips, without having to suffer a single needle prick.

The principle is simple, the pressure exerted by the pen on the liquid allows it to enter the skin without any bite. This technique is much less abrasive to the skin than others because there is no needle involved in the process.

You can use the Hyaluron Pen alone at home by following the instructions, the method is simple and the results fast. If you wish, you can also go to specialized institutes that offer Hyaluron Pen sessions.

What are the restrictions?

There are no restrictions strictly speaking, the Hyaluron Pen is a much less risky practice than injections with needles and the injected hyaluronic acid is a natural element already produced by our body. Certainly the result will be less direct than with conventional needle injections, but you can preserve your skin and your health with the Hyaluron Pen.

The only recommendations recommended immediately after insertion with the Hyaluron Pen are:

  • Do not smoke immediately after
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun following the injection
  • Wait to massage the injected areas

The Colombian Facelift, a facelift without surgery

Another practical and effective new beauty trend to do at home; the Colombian Facelift !

Without any surgery and above all without risk, you will be able to firm up, increase your buttocks and breast volume. This facelift also treats cellulite very well and smoothes the skin very well.

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The Colombian Facelift, how it works ?

The operation of the Colombian Lift is not very complicated, and in addition it is natural! Suction cups are put in place to suck the affected area(s). Suction is therefore felt once the device is turned on.

During the process, no incision or injection is made, so there is no need for convalescence. One of the big advantages is that on a healthy person, the therapy is painless and without any side effects, the muscles are stimulated, and the fat is dislodged thanks to cupping.

You can use the Colombian Facelift method at home with a machine specially designed for it and having consulted a specialist beforehand to know the conditions of use.

Lifting for several body parts

The Colombian Facelift can be used on several parts of the body, it is also one of its main qualities!

You can use this revolutionary method on your thighs, buttocks and even your breasts. For example, women wishing to firm up or increase their buttock volume are much more reassured with a Colombian Lift than with implants and surgery.

The Colombian Facelift is therefore a rather surprising method and is likely to spread more and more among many women who are afraid of heavy interventions and the dangers they can cause.

The Wellbox, naturally anti-aging

Our latest home beauty trend is a machine that naturally stimulates skin cells, and takes care of it to achieve an anti-aging effect, the Wellbox.

The principle of the Wellbox

The Wellbox therefore makes it possible, thanks to micro-perspiration and massage heads, to slow down the aging of the skin, and to take care of it as naturally as possible.

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Its operation is simple and intuitive, in the shape of a large egg, this machine opens to offer you two suction modes; one for the body and one for the face. The suction level is programmable according to your desires and your sensitivity. Each suction session lasts no more than 6 minutes, but this time can be reduced or increased.


The results with the Wellbox are quite surprising! It illuminates the complexion and reduces wrinkles on the face, but it also firms and smoothes several parts of the body only after a few sessions.

The Wellbox is therefore a very good tool for taking care of your skin and your body. Natural, respectful of the environment with its instructions online and not on paper, this ultra-trendy machine has not finished making women happy!

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