Teeth whitening: is baking soda dangerous?

Baking soda is part of everyday products. In a home, this natural active ingredient is essential. Among its many benefits is its effectiveness against yellow teeth. Baking soda is used for teeth whitening. So how do you use it to make your smile shine? And what precautions should be taken to avoid unpleasant surprises? We tell you all about this abrasive natural product.

Introduction to Baking Soda

Baking soda, also called sodium bicarbonate, is a eco-friendly and natural substance found in many elements including the human body.

It is a very powerful natural active ingredient that is used daily. Indeed, it is involved in several areas: laundry cleaning, baking, home maintenance, health…

Available at a reasonable price in pharmacies or supermarkets, baking soda is a great sustainable consumer product. It poses no health risk. And baking soda is also good for the planet. Non-flammable and non-toxic, it is also biodegradable.

Among its various applications, sodium bicarbonate serves:

  • To get rid of pesticides and other residues present on the skin of fruits and vegetables. It then acts as a cleaner of impurities;
  • as a natural limescale remover, it descales the kitchen and the bathroom (bathtub, sink, shower tray, etc.);
  • to detach clothes, clean windows, remove bad odors from work surfaces, neutralize odors from the fridge, etc.;
  • as yeast in pastries;
  • to weed the garden. Baking soda then acts as an ecological insecticide because it fights against mildew;
  • to treat ailments as diverse as bad breath, canker sores or cold sores;
  • as a teeth whitener.
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How to whiten your teeth with sodium bicarbonate?

Baking soda is used to cleanse the mouth and is particularly suitable for preventing canker sores. And it is also used to whiten teeth.

To replace your classic toothpaste with this natural solution, sprinkle your wet toothbrush with a few grams of baking soda. And brush your teeth gently.

You can also use an essential oil to create your own baking soda toothpaste. For it :

  • mix peppermint essential oil (8 drops) with a tablespoon of baking soda;
  • complete with 3 tablespoons of powdered white clay;
  • mix gently until you obtain a smooth paste.

Then apply the natural toothpaste to your previously damp toothbrush. The product obtained can be kept for two seconds in the fridge.

To note : you can also apply the paste on your teeth, and let it sit for about five minutes. This way you will get the best result. Finally, it is possible to add hydrogen peroxide to your toothbrush sprinkled with baking soda. Thanks to this supplement, the whitening of your teeth will be optimized.

What are the dangers?

Although natural, baking soda remains a abrasive product. Therefore, it is not recommended to brush your teeth with this product. more than twice a week.

Indeed, used too often, sodium bicarbonate may damage the enamel of your teeth and increase their fragility. The damage is then irreversible.

In addition, too regular use may also irritate your gums. In case of sensitive gums, it is best to avoid washing your teeth with this natural active ingredient.

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Finally, make sure you never swallow baking soda even though it won’t affect your health. Baking soda can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

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