Banque Pouyanne: the writing guide

A family establishment handed down from generation to generation, Banque Pouyanne continues to develop in the Adour basin. It accompanies companies as well as professionals or individuals. Discover the particularities of this financial institution and what it offers in terms of banking services. Also follow our advice to easily open an account and view your statements from your personal space. Everything you need to know about Banque Pouyanne before becoming a client!

Presentation of Banque Pouyanne

Banque Pouyanne has existed since 1903. It was created on the initiative of Julien Pouyanne, in Orthez, his home town. Moreover, the seat of decision-making is still installed there.

The establishment continues to be run by the Pouyanne family. Indeed, it is a family organization that is transmitted from generation to generation. Throughout the evolutions, the line wanted to create a real proximity with its customers. This is manifested in particular by listening and personalized support. And the bank remains on a human scale.

Throughout the Adour basin, there are 11 branches belonging to Banque Pouyanne. Thus, the establishment accompanies its customers from Béarn to the Basque Country via the Landes and the Hautes Pyrénées. The most recent agency was set up in Tarbes.

On the other hand, you should know that the organization maintains a strong link with the business world. Indeed, it offers its expertise to business leaders through optimized management of private and professional assets. Today, Banque Pouyanne offers a range of banking services for SMEs, professionals, associations and individuals.

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How to open an account at Banque Pouyanne?

To open a current account and become a client of Banque Pouyanne, you must contact one of the establishment’s branches. You will then be offered an appointment within 72 hours.

Fill out the online form: or on the same page, hover over the map to find the telephone numbers of each agency. More simply, you can also click on the « Make an appointment » button, available on the home page.

Banking services offered by Banque Pouyanne

Bank cards

Four credit cards of different ranges are offered to individuals:

  • the Electron card at 35.50 euros per year;
  • the Visa International card with immediate debit costs 45.50 euros per year;
  • the International Visa deferred debit card is billed at 55.50 euros per year;
  • finally, to hold a Visa Premier card, count a contribution of 143 euros per year.

Service bundles

Banque Pouyanne markets three bundled service offers:

  • the Drop offer : Electron card, means of payment insurance, two bank checks per year, exemption from quarterly account management fees, BP Net Consultation. The subscription for this offer costs 6.30 euros per month;
  • the Jump offer : International Visa card, means of payment insurance, BP Net Complet (consultation and transaction), temporary cash facility for 15 days for an amount of 500 euros, two bank checks, exemption from quarterly account management fees. The offer is invoiced at 12.30 euros per month;
  • the Swing offer : Visa Premier card, means of payment insurance, BP Net Complet (consultation of accounts and investments-securities, transactions), temporary cash facility for 20 days for an amount of 1,200 euros, two bank checks, exemption from quarterly management fees of account. The subscription costs 20.40 euros per month.
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Agency services

In Banque Pouyanne branches, you can have access to the following banking services:

  • cash withdrawals at the counter or at an ATM;
  • cash payments at the counter;
  • issue of checkbooks or slips, issuance of a check, remittance of cheques;
  • purchase or sale of currencies;
  • transfer of direct debits and direct debits from another bank;
  • safe rental;
  • opening of estate file, search and edition of statement on estate file;
  • wealth analysis, savings account transfer.

Other services

The credits

Banque Pouyanne offers consumer loans as well as home loans (home savings loan, classic home loan).

Online tools

On the bank’s website, you will find online tools available free of charge.

The personal loan simulator allows you to prepare the financing of your project (purchase of a car, for example). As for the yield calculator for your savings contract, it is useful for estimating the profitability of your investment.

Find both tools online on the following page:

On the other hand, you have the possibility of consulting several small guides, available for download. Among them, the guide to the AERAS Convention, the Guide to the security of banking transactions or the Guide to bank cards and security reflexes. Discover all the documents:

Finally, find on the Banque Pouyanne website the emergency numbers to call in the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use of your means of payment (bank card or checkbook): /en/pages/in-case-of-emergency

The rates

Opening and closing an account is free. On the other hand, count 10.10 euros per quarter for account maintenance. And in the event of an account that has been inactive for a year, the service is billed at 30 euros per year.

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On the other hand, the remote banking service is paying up to 4.10 euros per month (or 49.20 euros per year). And the SMS alert, meanwhile, costs 3 euros per month.

Consult the pricing brochure by downloading the document from the following page:

How to access your online account?

To access your online accounts from your confidential space, click on the “My personal space” button, located at the top right of the home page.

Then, to access your online bank, enter your subscriber number and your password. Finally, click on the « Login » button.

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