How to choose your shower cubicle?

You want to install a shower enclosure in your bathroom. To choose it wisely, you must take certain criteria into account. The shape and dimensions of the cabin will influence your choice, but the type and number of its equipment will also play their role. Without forgetting the function that you reserve for the shower.

Various types of cabins

To choose the type of shower enclosure that is right for you, it is first important to consider the configuration of your bathroom. You can have the cabinet installed against a wall or in a corner.

The shape of the cabin also depends on that of the receiver, or shower tray, that you have chosen. All of these can steer you toward square, rectangular, or quarter-circle cubicles. Similarly, there are shower cubicles with standard dimensions, which are in principle 80 cm X 80 cm.

But nothing prevents you from providing larger shower cubicles. You just have to choose the model that best meets your expectations. The classic shower, often sold as a kit and easy to install, includes a simple shower hose and an above-ground shower tray.

For its part, the walk-in shower cubicle has a floor at the same level as that of the bathroom. You can still opt for an integral shower cabin. By choosing a shower cabin at, you have a fully equipped and ready-to-install set. These shower enclosures are available in several sizes and include options, which enhance your comfort.

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Finally, the design and colors of the shower cubicle, chosen according to the decor of the bathroom, give it a certain originality.

The choice of components and equipment

To choose your shower cabin, you must pay attention to the materials in which the components of the cabin are made. This is how acrylic is often used for the walls, which are opaque or transparent. Manufacturers also use double-thickness glass.

The doors are another essential part of the cabin. They are often made of tempered glass, with variable thickness. Depending on your tastes, the type of cabin and the space you have, you can choose sliding, hinged or pivoting doors.

Each type of door has its advantages and limitations. Pivot doors, which open outwards, are convenient but take up a lot of space. This is not the case with sliding doors, whose maintenance is however more demanding. As for the hinged doors, opening both inwards and outwards, they allow easy access to the shower cubicle.

The choice of the shower cabin is also made according to the fittings. A mixer tap operated by a single lever is more practical and consumes less water than a mixer which needs two levers to operate. As for the thermostatic mixer, it delivers water at the chosen temperature.

The choice of the shower head, which pours a rain, foaming, or even pulsating jet, and of the shower column, which connects the head to the taps, can still influence your decision.

Cabins with various functions

Disabled Access Cabin

You can still choose your shower depending on the result you want to achieve. If it’s just to do your ablutions, a regular shower will do. But if you want to give yourself a moment of well-being, the hydromassage shower will be more suitable.

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Equipped with a specific device, which diffuses the water on certain parts of the body, this shower imitates balneotherapy treatments. If you suffer from joint pain or poor blood circulation, these water jets, at the calculated pressure, can also relieve you.

Some shower cubicles even recreate the specific atmosphere of a hammam. They are equipped with a system that diffuses hot and very humid steam.

Other features can still guide your choice of certain shower enclosures. If you want to avoid falls, it is better to opt for a cabin equipped with a non-slip floor.

There are also shower stalls with a seat. Fixed or foldable, it can include a small backrest. This accessory can be very useful, even essential, for the elderly or people with disabilities.

Similarly, you may be seduced by the presence, in the cabin, of storage shelves, which allow you to put soap or shampoo in a practical way.

Choosing a shower enclosure with many features makes the morning wash a special moment. But this choice also has a cost. If you can acquire a small square cabin, a standard model, for around 200 euros, you will sometimes have to pay 2 to 3000 euros to have a state-of-the-art hammam shower cabin.

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