How to decorate your house easily?

Decorating your home while embellishing it requires taste, but also method. Discover our advice for furnishing each room with care, without exceeding your work/decoration budget. Our simple ideas, within everyone’s reach, piece by piece. Style, layout idea, material… We tell you everything about how to decorate your home.

How to decorate your house starting with the living room?

decorate the living room

The living room remains the essential room of a house. Indeed, it is in this room that we spend the most time with family and friends. Moreover, the decoration of the living room offers great freedom of tone. Between the choice of coverings, furniture and decorative objects, the layout of the living room leaves room for creativity. But how to do it concretely?

First, to properly decorate your home, you have to find a style and stick to it. If you opt for a rustic decor in the living room, it is better to find the same atmosphere in the other rooms. The challenge then is to create harmony. This is essential to feel good at home.

Today, there are many different styles: modern, vintage, design, retro, contemporary, Scandinavian… Use this atmosphere as a basis for your layout. This will make it easier for you to choose furniture and decorative accessories (curtain, carpet, light fixture, frame, etc.).

Advice : when adopting a style, we often tend to accumulate decorative elements. However, it is better to avoid overloading the decoration of the living room. Do not clutter the room with furniture or decorative items. The living room must remain pleasant to live in and practical. On the other hand, it is better to bet on beautiful objects rather than playing the card of overcrowding. A matter of style!

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Ideas for decorating the kitchen: practical but aesthetic!

decorate your living room

The kitchen is no longer just the practical room where you cook and eat. More and more, it is the heart of the house where we meet as a family on Sundays. To decorate your kitchen and fit it out with taste, you have to find the right balance between functionality and conviviality.

First, consider preserving work areas. Decorate your kitchen while leaving plenty of room for cooking and eating. With this in mind, it is better to favor wall or high decorations (eg a green plant above the cupboard).

And to decorate a kitchen nicely, go to decoration stores. Today, there are more and more decorative elements to enhance a kitchen. The wall stickers can be the most beautiful effect, for example. Also consider displaying your beautiful crockery by attaching shelves. It can also be a beautiful fruit basket to place on the central island.

Advice : choose a style for your kitchen by leafing through decorating magazines. The cottage kitchen or the American kitchen, for example, can bring character to your home. And always with the aim of staying stylish, never overdo it. Prefer strong elements rather than accumulation.

How to decorate a bedroom with harmony?

decorate bedroom

After the living room and the kitchen, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is a private place where one sleeps and rests. It is therefore necessary to play on the soothing or even zen side of the place by choosing a decoration for the occasion.

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So favor clean, contemporary styles that invite cocooning. The objective is then to combine comfort, functionality and design. As for the living room, it is advisable to choose a style of decoration and to stick to it to create harmony.

On the furniture side, select a bed, bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers that go together. Then integrate decorative elements while focusing on a refined atmosphere (carpet, curtain, painting, lamp, mirror, suspension, etc.). If space allows, you can also install a hanging chair or hammock.

And to compose a harmonious picture in your bedroom, bet on natural materials such as wood. You should also know that caning, like wicker and rattan, are particularly trendy.

Decorative ideas:

In a room with a relaxing atmosphere geared towards current trends, bet on a natural decoration. Linen curtain, rattan or wicker light fixture, green plants to add a touch green, macrame suspension above the bed, cane headboard… But be careful, it is better to choose a few strong pieces rather than to bring together all the fashionable decorative accessories in one place. Don’t overdo it!

And in a white bedroom, you can give a boost by betting on well-chosen accessories. Think of the brass lamp, the green plants, the golden XXL mirror to customize with a guinguette style garland, the colored bed linen, a large painting above the bed…

bathroom decoration, how to arrange it with modernity?

decorate bathroom

The bathroom fulfills a practical function, in this case washing and grooming. But this room also invites you to relax. How to relax in your bathtub if the decoration of your bathroom frankly leaves something to be desired? It is much more pleasant to spend time in a welcoming and up-to-date room.

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Sometimes it doesn’t take much to bring modernity. No need to embark on a large project, small jobs are enough. And in the best of cases, the choice of a neat decoration instantly embellishes a bathroom.

Here are some trendy decorative ideas to enhance a bathroom:

  • wallpaper a section of the wall by choosing a trendy wallpaper (graphic, colourful, etc.);
  • easily lay adhesive tiles or cement tiles on the wall to give character to your room. Paradoxically, the retro spirit of the coating will bring a touch of modernity to the bathroom;
  • adopt a trendy adhesive backsplash (e.g. faux marble);
  • wake up your room with a dynamic paint (yellow, orange…). However, limit yourself to a section of the wall so as not to fall into bad taste;
  • take care of the lighting by opting for modern lights. Forget the neon above the bathroom mirror;
  • above the sink, choose a large trendy mirror (eg one or more round mirrors);
  • transform your bathroom into a mini jungle with a few exotic plants that tolerate humidity well.

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