How to decorate a large clear glass vase?

The large transparent glass vase remains one of the trendiest objects. In a house, this accessory dresses up a living room as well as a bedroom or other rooms such as an office. If the first idea that comes is to arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers there, there are other possibilities to decorate a large transparent glass vase.

Discover our tips for choosing the right object (color, shape) and placing it in a good place. Also follow our tips for dressing your vase in a bold way.

How to choose your large transparent glass vase?

The transparent glass vase is one of the essential accessories in an interior. But to successfully decorate it, you need to choose the right vase. Here are some tips that will be useful for you to make the right selection, in terms of colors, reliefs and shapes.

What color for a large clear glass vase?

First, it is better to choose the color corresponding to the style of decoration of your room. Colors brighten up an interior and bring it to life. The easiest way is to choose a transparent vase with small colored details (pearls, for example).

But you also have the option of selecting a colored transparent vase. Shades of blue, for example, are perfect for this type of decorative accessory. And for it to be a unique object, add your personal touch to an embossed vase.

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Possible types of shapes for a transparent vase

A clear glass vase can take many different shapes. Indeed, each vase has a specific style that takes into account its shape. Thus, in decoration stores or online stores, you will easily find ball vases, cylindrical vases, square-shaped vases, etc.

Although choosing originality often proves to be a winning bet, it is necessary to opt for a vase that harmonizes perfectly with your interior style. Before making a favorite purchase, ask yourself the question: “Will this large transparent glass vase find its place in my house? « .

Where to place a decorative glass vase?

Do you want to buy a transparent glass vase to decorate your interior with elegance? Before choosing a particular model, you should find a place for your future decorative object.

First, be aware that large transparent glass vases generally find their place on the ground. You can then place the decorative accessory next to a piece of furniture such as an armchair or a console, for example.

But the vase can also invite itself into the corner of a room, provided that it is highlighted and is not afraid of being knocked over. And the object will also find its place on a coffee table in the living room or in the entrance, if the space allows it. To impress your visitors, do not hesitate to choose a design vase, but always in line with the style of the place.

Then, to create a chic and trendy decor, it is advisable to combine your transparent vase with other objects such as a natural plant, dried branches, etc. The idea is then to return a coherent and harmonious image, without neglecting the aesthetic side of your object.

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Finally, note that the large transparent glass vase is also an accessory that can be used outdoors. Near a swimming pool, a terrace, in the garden, in a shady corner, this object will have the most beautiful effect.

How to decorate a large clear glass vase?

Plant pot cover

The first idea is to fill your large transparent glass vase with a natural element as if it were a flowerpot. Place inside the container a large branch with leaves. Thus, you will give the illusion of a small tree. This corner of greenery will bring a note of freshness and authenticity to your interior. And if you have a favorite plant, choose the vase best suited to the natural element.

Floral composition

Then, in a more basic way, you can lay out a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It can be red roses if you are looking for a romantic and passionate atmosphere, or wildflowers, for example. In the latter case, it can give a warm and friendly note to a room (living room, bedroom, office, etc.). In general, dare the color contrast between the flowers so that your vase does not go unnoticed. It must be a strong decorative element and not an all-purpose object.

If you like plants and are good with your hands, you can create a flower arrangement in the manner of florists. And don’t be afraid to mix several elements together to bring originality. For example, white lilies can fill a vase, paired with fern leaves and pieces of driftwood. In the same way, white ranunculus will unite wonderfully with red berries in a square format vase. To achieve this kind of composition, you will easily find diy tutorial videos on the Internet.

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Holiday memories

Then, if you like originality, be sure to choose an amazing object to decorate a large transparent glass vase. Stones, sand, shells, for example, can fill this type of accessory. Take inspiration from your vacation memories to find the element that will adorn your glass vase.


And the other trendy idea is to create an intimate corner by playing with subdued lighting. To do this, simply place a light garland at the bottom of a large transparent glass vase. Ideal for composing a reading corner in a living room.

In a bedroom or bathroom, to play with the intimate side, have fun creating a beautiful composition. In the tall glass vase, arrange floating white candles. The play of light will then have the most beautiful effect to create a romantic atmosphere.

Leave the vase bare

Finally, the last possibility is to leave the container empty. A floor vase is sufficient in itself to decorate a room in an elegant way.

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