Peeling off wallpaper: the best techniques!

You have just bought a house and the 70s wallpaper does not suit you? It’s normal for you to want to strip. To renovate a home or give it a facelift, there’s nothing like changing the coating. But before putting on new, more modern wallpaper or a coat of paint, the old upholstery must be removed. This often thankless task can turn out to be a real headache if the right methods are not used. So, how to peel off wallpaper easily and without spending a whole day on it? Discover our techniques to get your work done quickly! And follow our advice to avoid disappointments like collapsing walls!

The different methods for stripping

With hot water and a sponge

This old technique is one of the least expensive. On the other hand, it is better to be patient!

To remove wallpaper with warm water and a sponge, just follow these steps:

  • mix hot water with dishwashing liquid (or, failing that, detergent);
  • then using a spray bottle, a sponge or a brush, moisten the walls to be stripped;
  • then repeat the operation until blisters and bubbles appear on the paper;
  • when the tapestry is soaked, peel off the wallpaper using a spatula.

At first sight, this technique turns out to be perfect. But if you have little time in front of you to uncover your room, it is better to choose another, faster solution.

With a steam stripper

This is a relatively expensive, but particularly fast solution. If you have large rooms to renovate, consider the steam stripper. Its operation resembles that of an iron.

Besides saving time (it takes about five minutes to peel off a length of wallpaper), you won’t need any other product or filler. Water is enough!

However, for this solution to be effective, it is not recommended to use a wallpaper stripper with a strong steam output on a plastered wall. He would then risk collapsing.

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Count around 40 euros for the first price wallpaper stripper in a DIY store. You can also rent the machine for occasional use. It will cost you less.

With an iron

If you don’t have a steamer at home, use an iron. It works too! Plus, you’ll save money. On the other hand, if the surface to be stripped is large, choose another means of removing the wallpaper.

Also, peeling wallpaper with an iron works on the same principle as a steam peeler. The steam will help loosen the paper. To do this, set your iron to the position where it releases the most steam.

Then, bring the iron closer to the wall without sticking it, and press the steam button several times. Your wall must be well humidified. As soon as the wallpaper curls, remove it with a spatula.

This trick is more of a plan B, but for a small area to renovate, it’s perfect!

With wallpaper remover

To remove the wallpaper more easily, you can turn to special products to be applied directly to the wallpaper. They are designed to pass through it and melt the glue. And they are also suitable for all types of walls, including plaster surfaces.

Some wallpaper strippers need to be diluted in water while others are ready to use. They then take the form of a sprayer.

To easily remove the wallpaper, also use a fairly wide spatula, proceeding gently from bottom to top.

You will find this type of wallpaper stripper in DIY stores, from 5 euros per litre. As for the spatula, also available in DIY stores, it costs a few euros. This solution is therefore particularly economical, especially if you have a small room. Count around 20 euros to take off the wallpaper.

With baking soda

Baking soda is a very versatile product. In addition to its cleaning action, baking soda can also be used to take off wallpaper in a natural way.

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To do this, follow these steps:

  • in a bucket of hot water, add two large tablespoons of soda crystals;
  • then apply the mixture to the wallpaper using a sponge;
  • leave to act for a few minutes;
  • then scrape from bottom to top;
  • finally, if the tapestry resists, add a glass of white vinegar to the mixture and repeat the operation.

Advice : To successfully remove wallpaper with this method, keep the water in the bucket warm.

With vinegar

There are natural solutions for removing wallpaper from a wall. Among the recommended products, there is vinegar, to be mixed in hot water.

Soak the tapestry with a sponge by tapping. You can also apply the solution using a spray until the paper is impregnated.

Leave to act for a few minutes and remove the strips using a spatula. Always start at a bottom corner.

How to remove very resistant wallpaper?

Some papers are tough to remove. This is the case, for example, with washable vinyl wallpaper, wallpaper with a latex coating, woodchip wallpapers that have been repainted several times and very thick structured wallpapers.

In the presence of a very thick, painted or waterproof wallpaper, you will need to sand or score. For this you will need tools like needle rollers, picks, nails, wallpaper punches, wire brushes or coarse sandpaper. The objective is to get the water on the paper to penetrate to the glue and to the wall.

To remove difficult wallpaper, it is advisable to use a spiked roller or blades and a long handle. Roll the roller along the wall to create water permeable areas. Be careful not to use this tool with a Placoplâtre wall. With this type of wall, use sandpaper instead.

How to uncover without taking any risks?

To remove wallpaper at home, it is necessary to observe certain safety measures. First, be sure to turn off the power at the circuit breaker. Remove switches and outlets. And if you plan to take off the paper from the ceiling, consider removing the light fixture. As for your floor, protect it with a tarp.

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On the other hand, if you’re using a steam stripper to get rid of your old wallpaper, be careful. The use of this type of device requires know-how and experience. When working with steam, ensure that there is sufficient ventilation.

Finally, if you are in doubt as to what surface is hiding behind the old wallpaper, simply remove a small piece of the coating. It is indeed necessary to use the right tools to make the paper rough.

Re-upholster with 3D effect wallpaper

Have you finished stripping your home, but you don’t know what type of wallpaper to buy yet? To give a very modern look to a room in your home, you can choose to give depth to your decoration with 3D wallpaper. 3D wallpaper gives the illusion that your wall is not flat, and therefore enhances a small room. However, it will be important to use it sparingly because the effect is quite impressive. It must therefore be used on a single wall, or in a recess, such as under the stairs for example. It can also appeal to a teenager or a child who would like to customize their room.

The 3D wallpaper is installed like classic wallpaper, that is to say with glue. You can find it for the price of 25 euros for 1.5m² which is no more expensive than classic wallpaper. To be able to have a wide choice of pattern, the best thing is to go on a specialized online sales site. They are the ones who offer the most choice of patterns at the best prices. In DIY stores you will find classic wallpaper, but less likely to find 3D wallpaper.

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